How to Iron a Tie: De-wrinkling a Tie

Ironing a tie is simple and easy compared to other clothes but requires a bit more care. As mostly tie is made of delicate fabric like silk or polyester. It’s a very easy task for those who know ironing.

Should You Use an Iron or Steamer to Unwrinkled a Tie: Which is More Better

Either using an iron or steamer both have the same function. The only difference is the way out.  The iron has a hot soleplate and pressure which is used for de-wrinkling a tie, whereas the steamer produces heat with steam and loosens the fabric, and helps to remove wrinkles.

According to our opinion steaming is better for removing creases as there are significantly less to no, chances of damaging a cloth. However, ironing may shrink sensitive clothes if not handled with care. But it mostly depends on the fabric. Although iron and steamer both are useful in de-wrinkling creases, only you have to know the right way to use them for the best results.

Step-by-Step Guide to Iron a Tie

ironing a tie

So, following the instruction and with the right care you can remove the creases from the tie.

  • The foremost important step you should follow while ironing a tie is to use a wet cotton cloth or iron protective sheet. So, direct contact with iron cannot damage the tie fabric or discoloration may cause.
  • Always keep the temperature low when you want to iron a tie, you may increase it if needed to remove any stubborn crease. If the tie has a label read the precautions on that also.
  • If the fabric of the tie is wool, cotton, or linen you can increase the temperature up to 170*C, and for delicate fabrics like polyester and silk, you can increase the temperature up to 140*C.
  • Starts from the edges and gently put pressure and move the iron over the cloth. Do not keep the iron in one place. Once the creases remove from one side, flip it up to the other side and iron on that.

When you are done ironing a tie wait till the tie cools down then store it or use it.  

How to Steam a Tie

  • Steaming a tie is a more simple and carefree task than ironing. Only keep cautious of the most important step to follow is to avoid direct contact tie with the steamer.
  • When the steamer is heated up and starts producing steam keep the steamer 4 inches away from the ties and move in the opposite direction of the crease.

Way Out to Keep Ties Wrinkle-Free

However, we have much-advanced technology like steamers, irons, steam generators, and steam presses, ironing tools but still, it is better to not use them for ironing a tie as they affect the fabric with time. So, we here put down some great tips, tools, and way-out to keep the tie. So, that it remains wrinkle-free. 

Undo the Tie Knot:

When you are done wearing a tie keep it undoing the tie knot. Leaving any fabric in curled position left stubborn creases. This helps to prevent permanent creases.

Wrap around any Circular Item or Wrap around the Hand: 

Tie Box Organizer

When you keep the tie it’s better to roll the tie in a circular position or wrap it around the hand. Moreover, place it on a flat surface like in a tie box organizer or a drawer.  Make sure, that the tie does not wrap too tight but is best to tackle the stubborn creases and remain wrinkle-free even for too long if remains in one place.

Hang them up:

If you don’t have space in the drawer or you don’t want to keep in rolling best alternative is to hang them up. But not on the regular clothing hanger. As it easily slip-off and fell.

Instead, now there are special tie hangers and organizers in the market that are available specifically designed to keep the tie organized and laid untied and flat.