Stainless steel Soleplate vs. Ceramic Soleplate: Which one is better?

Why it is important to check the detail or soleplate feature before buying the iron? As the soleplate is directly in contact with the fabric while ironing, it is important to select the iron which is having the best one. So, we discuss Stainless steel Soleplate vs. Ceramic Soleplate in detail here.

The main difference between soleplates is of material and shape. It is important to check whether the soleplate is small or large, stainless or ceramic, or titanium, small or large. Moreover, what should be the shape of the soleplate of the iron which we going to buy?

Types of iron soleplate according to material

According to material, there are many different types of clothes iron soleplates: stainless steel, ceramic, titanium, and cast iron. Most commonly used among them are stainless steel soleplate vs. ceramic soleplate.

ceramic soleplate iron
Ceramic Soleplate Iron
stainless steel soleplate iron
Stainless Steel Soleplate Iron

+ Stainless steel soleplate:

The most popular soleplate is stainless steel. As most manufacturers and brands prefer to make their iron soleplate of stainless steel because it’s more durable, smooth to glide on fabric, and easy to clean.

Stainless steel soleplate consists of steel and chromium, in which approx. 10.5 percent is a chromium and the other remaining 89.5% is steel. It conducts heat, and heat distribution is very even while ironing clothes. Furthermore, it resists corrosion because its do not rust.

+ Ceramic soleplate:

The other material mostly used for iron soleplate is ceramic. It is consist of a metallic titanium plate with a ceramic coating. It has good heat conductivity with even distribution and eliminates static force. Furthermore, it prevents the sticking of clothes on the soleplate surface at high temperatures.

+ Titanium soleplate:

It is made of titanium and alloy with aluminum. It is very lightweight and durable, fast transfer of heat with a corrosion-resistant surface. Titanium soleplate requires carefulness because it gets heated up fast, which may burn the cloth fabric if care is not taken while ironing.

+ Cast Iron Soleplate:

Cast iron soleplate is outdated and it is used in old times when the iron is not of electricity. It is consist of 3-4% carbon, 1-3% silicon, and the rest is consist of iron. Its surface acquires or catches corrosion with time.

+ Non-stick Soleplate:

It is the soleplate made of any material but coated with non-stick materials like silicon, Teflon, enameled, and anodized aluminum coating. It decreases the stickiness between the soleplate and ironing clothes. Furthermore, it is durable, easy to clean, and does not cause stains on your clothes.

New Hamilton beach durathon nonstick coated soleplate clothes iron is now available in the market. Which is 10 times more durable than a normal non-stick coating. It is very long-lasting and scratch-resistant.

Types of Iron Soleplate According to Shape

Mainly there are three shapes of soleplate iron that come in the market, traditional, u-shaped, and Multi-directional.

Traditional shape iron
Multi-directional shape iron
u-shape iron

+ Traditional:

An iron that has tapered from the front and ends are square and lightly round off. It’s used for ironing detailed areas like in between buttons, collars, cuffs, etc.

+ U-shaped:

Its shape resembles the traditional iron shape but the end is in a u-shape.

+ Multi-directional:

This shape is newly added by Panasonic in their portable irons. These are tapered from both ends. You can iron in any direction from this iron as you don’t need to turn around as its gets into every fine detail and design.

Does soleplate cleaner is safe to use?

Yes, the cleaner used for soleplate cleaning is safe. Only you have to use good quality cleaner. Use a soft pad or micro-fiber cloth to clean so that it does not create scratches.

If the soleplate is uncoated you can try different methods also which we discuss in our blog post on how to clean an iron. On the other side, you should be careful with the cleaning of coated soleplate iron.

It is better to keep your iron and soleplate clean regularly if used, as it is hard to clean the burnt mess after many days.  

Our Verdict: Is stainless steel better than ceramic soleplate?

As we discuss both the soleplates in detail, it’s a matter of preference which to use. Further, with which soleplate material you are more comfortable. Both have smooth glides. As both are good conductor of heat and distributes heat evenly on clothes while ironing.

The main difference between stainless steel vs. ceramic soleplate is their durability and usage. As we are working with both types of soleplates. The main difference we feel is stainless steel, as it is easy to maintain and clean. Furthermore, it is durable.

On the other hand, the ceramic soleplate peels off with time while the stainless cause stickiness at high temperatures and accumulates material over time. If you keep the stainless steel soleplate clean after use, you do not face this issue. So, we find stainless slides more smooth and comfortable to work with.