Best Iron for Quilters: Ironing Experts Reviews

Which is the best iron for quilters? Are you confused? keep in mind, that what you choose also chooses you. So, choose wisely. If you are a professional quilter, you have to find the best reliable irons for quilting that improve the results of your projects. Moreover, save your time by smoothening your work and having high functionality.

After testing different irons for quilting, detailed analysis, and getting the opinions from other quilters. We finally reached the point that the necessary features steam iron should have to use for quilting are: iron should be cordless, heat-resistant carry case, have a dual-tipped plate, lightweight, water tank capacity, and steam.

Henceforth, after detailed research on the best iron for quilters, we review the irons that meet all the requirements essential for quilting. 

Can Any Iron be used for quilting or sewing projects?

You can use any iron for quilting but to increase efficiency and easiness there are many irons designed for quilters. If you are a professional quilter or you work more related to quilting and sewing then you have to buy an iron that has a long cord length or is cordless with high watt power and comfortable ergonomic design.

For sewing, you need an iron with a wide range of temperature control, like khaddar to soft linen or silk. Furthermore, the precise tip of the iron is good for sewing projects because it can reach every place to the points between buttons or can press collars or cuffs more precisely.

However, if you want to choose the iron for quilting then high temperature, long cord, wide soleplate, and less weight irons are better. 

Our Top Picks

So, going through the detailed assessment of our selected pick, you will be able to choose the best iron for sewing and quilting, which saves you from frustration and saves your time.


Rowenta DG8520

Rowenta DG8520 Steam Iron 

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 Oliso TG1100 quilters iron

Oliso TG1100 Smart Iron with iTouch Technology 

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Laurastar Lift Steam Iron

Laurastar Lift Steam Iron

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Panasonic PAN-NI-WL600

Panasonic PAN-NI-WL600 360 Degree Freestyle Cordless Iron

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8 best irons for quilting in 2023 (Reviews and Buying guide)

Here check the detailed guide of the best choice for your quilting iron, so, a one-time purchase makes your work easy, and comfortable and saves you from any hustle later on.

1. Rowenta DG 8520 Iron

 Rowenta DG 8520 Iron

Rowenta DG 8520 is the steam generator iron that goes best for thick fabric and is a perfect choice for quilters. However, it’s a bit expensive but it works so well that you accept the worth of paying money later. Its steam pressure works exceptionally and is an impeccable choice for professional work.

Moreover, it has an eco-setting option, which is good when ironing on normal stuff and it saves energy too. However, when it is used for thick fabric or quilting you can do full steam setting for the finest and quicker results.                                             

Additionally, features like the large water capacity of the tank, an anti-scale function that has an indicator that light switches on when needed for cleaning, and the most incredible feature of this latest steam generator iron is that there is no auto shut-off with all other essential features available. So, quilters can do their work uninterrupted without powering down.                                     

Furthermore, it has a stainless steel soleplate with small 400 micro steam holes. Which removes the wrinkles from patches, transfers, and even covers large parts. So, it is the perfect choice for sewing, crafters, and quilters. 

Additional Specifications:

Weight12.21 pounds
Voltage1800 watts
Water Capacity47 ounces
Cord length6 feet (best for quilters)
Warranty1 year (with product service and replacement in the US)
  • Removable and large water tank.
  • Has Eco- a setting feature that saves energy.
  • High watts power with 5 bar pressure to remove creases from thick fabric easily.
  • No auto-shutoff.
  • It was a bit expensive.
  • Steam generation sounds a bit more and can be noisy.

2. Oliso TG1100 Smart Iron with iTouch Technology

Oliso some irons have been designed especially for quilting and sewing. These irons are known in the industry and designed especially for delicate fabric and quilters. Their iTouch technology makes these irons a favorite choice for quilters as it helps to prevent cloth from burns and blistering while ironing.

In Addition, its steam hole dispersion and scratch-resistant stainless steel soleplate help to press the cloth more evenly from every place. Furthermore, its high watt power of 1800 and OnePass pressing allows it to heat the iron quickly and deep penetration of heat which helps to remove creases quickly.

More importantly, its auto-shutoff feature works if the iron is in a standing position for 8 minutes continuously. Hence, this adds safety if you leave the room in an emergency or forget to switch off the iron.

Additionally, it has 3 steam settings with 3 steam output levels: you can work in horizontal, vertical, and continuous bursts with output levels of low, medium, and high. Moreover, the detailer tip of 2 inches helps to get through from layers and presses cloth even at hard-to-reach places. Explicitly, its less weight and long cord length with all other great features make it the favorite choice of quilters.

Additional Specifications:

Weight1.4 pounds
Voltage1800 watts
Water capacity12.7 ounces
Cord length12 feet (treat for quilters)
Warranty1 year
Oliso TG1100 Smart Iron with iTouch Technology
  • Bestseller rank # 11 (Award winning)
  • Ultra-premium stainless steel soleplate
  • Long pivoting cord
  • iTouch and OnePass pressing technology
  • Expensive

Here is the detailed video guide for the best quilting iron Oliso TG1100

3. Laura Star Lift Steam Iron

Buy the best and cry only once, this proverb best suits here, as if you buy this expensive Laura Star iron you can enjoy long years of quilting without any complaints. It is the best product in the market for those who have heavy work related to ironing.

Laura Star Lift has dry micro-fine and hygienic steam, which helps to eliminate viruses from fabrics.  Moreover, its high power, portable, and compact version is a plus for professional use. Markedly, designed for both right-handers and left-handers with high steam output which helps you to iron effortlessly from any hand. 

Furthermore, the Laura Star lift steam iron helps in easy and fast steaming in horizontal and even vertical positions. Furthermore, it’s easy to carry and move to any place because of its compact design and lightweight.

On the whole, its excellent quality and precision with even steam diffusion and ultra-fine penetration remove wrinkles from every type of cloth-like velvet, pleated, embroidered, and beaded without defaming its original design or leaving marks. Our team of analyzers love this iron explicitly because of its amazing results.

laurastar iron accessories

Most revolutionary, laurastar iron comes with accessories that add value to iron, that is, an anti-scale cartridge, and protective soleplate having a special coating that reduces the heat for delicate material and heat resistant silicon iron mat.

Additional Specifications:

Weight12.13 pounds
Voltage2200 watts
Water Capacity37.2 ounces
Shut-off10 minutes or permanent mode
Steam Pressure3.5 bars
Laura star Lift Steam Iron
  • A dry micro-fine steam system with hygienic steam.
  • Quite, no noise production when produces steam.
  • Designed for both right and left-handers.
  • Dual shutoff options, after 10 minutes if not in use or permanent mode.
  • A little expensive, but its pros outweigh its price so you feel the worth of paying when you do work with this iron.

4. Rowenta DG5080 Quilting Iron

Rowenta is quite famous in many of its product lines. The working performance, its new innovative designs, user-friendliness, warranty, and official repair centers make it a more demanding iron brand in the market.

Rowenta DG5080 is one of its powerful yet sleek and classy steam irons that helps quilters and dressers steam-stress every type of fabric to remove stubborn creases easily. Moreover, it’s very economical in the pocket.

When we observed this iron while using it we found that it generates great steam output but not steam force as a steam generator. Additionally, it has 400 steam holes which provide smooth gliding and precision tips that help to press the cloth from every corner and place it in between the buttons.

Most importantly, its anti-drip system is wonderful and makes sure water does not leak from iron. Further, its safety system has 3 options that prevent any burn or fire:

  • In vertical position auto-shut off after 8 minutes if not used.
  • Auto-shutoff after 30 seconds if left off in a horizontal position.
  • If it falls, it shuts off in 30 seconds.

In addition, to all traits, Rowenta DG5080 has an amazing self-cleaning system, which ensures that all calcium deposits and build–get removed from holes after every use. So, you can easily use tap water but if you are not sure about the water condition and want to be more careful you can use a 50% ratio of distilled water along with tap water.

Moreover, its cord length is 8 feet long, accommodating the quilter and even convenient for both right and left-handed. 

Additional Specifications:

Weight3.4 pounds
Voltage1700 watts
Water Capacity10 ounces
Cord length8 feet
Warranty1 year
Rowenta DG5080 Quilting Iron
  • An Anti-drip system is helpful to provide low heat without dripping water.
  • The anti-calcium feature helps to remove impurities from water to prevent buildup.
  • 3 auto-off options are the unique feature in this iron.
  • Save energy.
  • Make noise when producing steam on high power.

5. Rowenta Steam Force Pro

Rowenta DG6080 much resembles the previous one but it has some different features. One of the great amazing features is the profound steam penetration power which saves energy.

Moreover, it has a 3D micro-steam soleplate with a precision tip which is helpful to access hard-to-reach places, like the place in between buttons, collars, and corners. It has a laser-finished stainless soleplate with 400 micro steam holes, frictionless, which is accommodating in spreading even steam with explicit glide because less effort is needed so, you can freely move iron here and there.

Furthermore, its ergonomic rotary trigger makes the ironing opportune for both right and left-handed, along with a soft-grip handle that upsurges the feasibility.

If you are conscious about the environment and energy-saving then the ideal option for you is Rowenta DW9540, if you want for quilting. 

Additional Specifications:

Weight4.86 pounds
Voltage1850 watts
Water Capacity11.8 ounces
Cord Length7.9 feet
StyleDigital display
Rowenta steam force pro
  • The most amazing feature we like is Eco-mode helps to save energy.
  • Stainless steel with laser-finished soleplate.
  • Boost setting feature for working best on thick fabric.
  • Balance issue is observed as it weighs too much in front of it.

6. Panasonic PAN-NI-WL600 Cordless Iron

One of the best cordless irons for quilting is the Panasonic PAN-NI-WL600. Iron without a cord is one of the greatest features of a quilter because freedom of movement at any length without worrying about cord tangling is incredible.

It’s multidirectional, handy, and can reach anywhere so best iron for sewing and quilting. It has a charging base when you want to place back iron you have to keep it on the base so, that it gets charged. Moreover, tipped corners from both sides make the glide smooth and easy.

Additionally, it has 1500 watt power with three heat settings that are: dry, steam, and heat along with a strong vertical steam burst feature which is amazing for thick curtains and hanging garments wrinkle removal.

Henceforth, the spray mist button for stubborn creases with anti-calcium and anti-drip features makes it the best in many. It has an auto-shutoff feature too if you forget to turn off the base after use or get busy with some other task after 10 minutes it automatically turns off. Additionally, a detachable water tank which makes it easy to refill, and heat resistant carry case which is very accommodating for instant portability.

Cordless irons are optimal for quilters and Panasonic 360 multidirectional is one of them. You can check some other best cordless irons too with different zealous features.

Additional Specifications:

Weight4.4 pounds
Voltage1500 watts
Water Capacity4.7 ounces
Cord lengthRetractable cord with base
Warranty1 year
Panasonic PAN-NI-WL600 Cordless
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Cordless.
  • Multi-directional ironing.
  • Instant portability even when hot because of heat resistant carry case.
  • Less water capacity.
  • Low heat retention capacity but it is covered during every gap of setting up the garment you keep the iron on base.
We get the Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless Iron and found that it’s the best iron for quilters. Yes, it is CORD FREE!

7. CHI (13102) Professional Steam Iron

Iron-engineered with flat iron technology, CHI produces many different products for hair. One of the unique and different features of this iron from other irons is that it has a titanium-infused ceramic soleplate. Moreover, it provides a smooth glide with extra heat, producing 1700 watts of power. Furthermore, 400 steam holes make the worst creases very easily. Its smooth handle makes it more comfortable and easy to grip.

Ideally, it has an 8-foot retractable cord, which is quite long enough and best for quilters iron. Most amazingly, it gets tracked back in iron with a click of a button. It has 3 auto-shutoff ways and a self-cleaning feature too.

Additional Specifications:

Weight3.5 Pounds
Voltage1700 watts
Cord lengthretractable cord with an 8 foot length
Warranty2 years
CHI (13102) Professional Steam Iron
  • Economical to buy.
  • 8-foot cord length with retractable cord.
  • Detailed temperature setting and titanium ceramic soleplate make it more lovable for the professionals.
  • Some people report water dripping issues.

8. Black Decker D2030 Professional Steam Iron

One of the best economical quilter choices with a blast of steam emitting technology, which releases the perfect amount of heat to remove creases from every type of fabric. It has a lot of steam options to select for different types of fabrics and you can see the temperature on the LCD screen of iron.

Uniquely, one of the astonishing features of this iron is that it has separate control of temperature and steam setting when you reach your desired level of steam, (Ready appears on the LCD screen).

Black Decker D2030 has an auto-clean clean function which is very systematic in the way that when there is a need for cleaning of deposits the word clean appears on the screen, so in time cleaning of iron increases the life of the iron.

Its comfortable and appropriate handle with just 0.64-pound weight makes it easy to work for a long period. But the dial of the iron is under the handle which is a bit difficult to handle for some. Despite this D2030 iron is very comfortable, lightweight, and economical to go with.

Additional Specifications:

Weigth0.64 Pounds
Voltage1500 watts
Temperature ControlDigital with variable steam settings
Warranty1 year
Black Decker D2030 Professional Steam Iron
  • Best economical choice.
  • Digital temperature Control with independent steam adjustment.
  • Auto- shut off with stainless steel soleplate.
  • Dial location is not at the right place which creates difficulty to set.

What features to look for before buying a quilting Iron?

 If you are an old quilter you know very well that any iron can do the job of pressing and ironing but efficiency and performance lack. To make quilting pleasure instead of a frustrating duty choose the best quilter iron that has great features with incredible performance.

Features for quilting iron

Some of the features we discussed below which we observed while working and assessing the best iron for quilters.

1. Steam Output:

Iron steam output and steam pressure are very important factors for quilters. Even steam with a balanced temperature is very necessary for good results. For thick fabric, iron requires a steam burst feature and more watt power can remove creases quickly. The irons, we select should generate a good amount of heat to provide the best results to quilters and heat penetrates both sides of the cloth so that there is no need for pressing from both sides.

2. Temperature Settings:

Temperature settings are a very imperative factor when it comes to choosing the best iron for quilting and sewing. Choose the iron having different steam settings or you can adjust the heat according to your cloth type from high to low because for quilts and sewing, you need to press a variety of fabrics from very delicate to very thick.

So that your cloth does not burn if it’s very thin or if thick then you can remove wrinkles easily by adjusting the heat on high pressure. 

3. Water Tank Capacity:

Water tank size is a very crucial factor to keep in mind before buying an iron. More water reservoir capacity makes it easy for you to need less filling because more work can be done, and fewer trips you have to make towards the tap for refiling again and again.

Moreover, prefer the iron to have a transparent water tank so, you can keep an eye on it when there is a need to fill it again.

4. Weight:

More weight requires less effort so, we can say that weight is an essential element to keep in mind while you are in a phase of a decision to choose the better option. Heavy iron, especially for quilters, is good because it takes less effort as you don’t need to move back again and again, creases from cloth removed in one go.

5. Soleplate:

The soleplate is the surface of iron that directly contacts the clothes and has a very main role because smooth sliding of the soleplate makes it easy and requires less effort because of less friction.

There are many different types of soleplate and the top most good performers are ceramic, stainless steel, and non-stick soleplate. Stainless steel and ceramic soleplate iron are durable and smooth and provide the best gliding. Whereas, non-stick soleplate results are also exceptional but are susceptible to scratching so, require extra care.

Furthermore, it is recommended large soleplate iron is better for quilters as it covers more surface area while ironing in one motion.

6. Cable length:

The cord length of iron for quilters is a very essential element to consider. At least 8 feet and above is good so you can move the iron easily to cover the large patch while ironing the quilt.

Panasonic 360 is also a very good option as it can be used without a cord but the problem is that it starts losing heating and taking the iron back to its base for recharging when needed. 

7. Safety Feature:

 Check the auto-shutoff option of the iron because quilting is a quite large task while doing and you leave the iron without shutting off and get busy with some other task. Hence, it gets off after some minutes automatically if it has an auto-shut-off feature and prevents you from any hazard.

Wrapping up the whole detail, we suggest you choose the iron which fulfills your urgent need. Once you go through the detailed features list and review every iron, decide according to your need instead of its popularity.   

Frequently Asked Questions

It is better to buy steam iron having an option to use as dry iron too. Because the iron used in either way is more helpful, quilters mostly prefer steam iron as it removes creases more easily.

We have reviewed a good cordless iron too above if you want to enjoy your quilting experience without getting through the hassle of tangling the cord. But you have to learn to manage it because it starts losing heat when detached from its base. So, you keep it back for recharging and finer and better results. For more options of cordless, you can check the best cordless irons.

If you use cord iron for quilting, prefer the one having more cord length. So, there is no compulsion to anyone you can go with the one you can manage and like more.

All irons can be used for home but Rowenta has remarkable versatility. Its precision tip helps if you are tailoring or sewing clothes to reach every corner and press pleats. Its steam shots and pressure are best for quilters.

If you are an avid quilter and forget your iron-on cloth patch. Then smart technology decreases the risk of burn or damage to your cloth and quilt. New smart technology makes it quite easier and faster to get your quilt done. 

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