How to Iron Silk Dress: Step-by-Step Guide

Iron silk

Silk is deliberated to be the most luxurious fabric whether it is used in clothes, undergarments, bedding, or home décor it gives an incredible touch and feel. The lavish look of silk gets dull if, not look fresh and wrinkle-free. …

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How to Clean Burnt Iron with Paracetamol

clean an iron with paracetamol

Clean an iron with paracetamol is an unacceptable fact for you if you have not heard it before. But you can indeed clean an iron from this common pain relief tablet. Iron tends to accumulate deposits and residue from garments …

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Best Way to Clean Iron with Salt

Ironing is an important part of keeping your clothes crisp and appealing. However, there will be junctures when your iron’s soleplate will be damaged by burns, scorch marks, and obstinate buildup that traditional methods cannot handle. Keeping your iron in …

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How to Clean an Iron with Vinegar and Baking Soda

How to clean an iron with vinegar and baking soda

To maintain the functionality and longevity of household appliances it is essential to keep them clean. Same as, if you want clean crisp wrinkle-free clothes it’s necessary to keep your steam iron plate clean. As, over time, it’s common for …

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How to Clean an Iron with Toothpaste

cleaning iron plate with toothpaste

We are all aware that clean iron is essential for getting crisp, clean, and presentable clothes. However, when we use any product it’s very obvious that the product is required to be clean with time for good results. Same as …

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How to Iron Wool at Home?

How to iron a wool

Can we iron wool? As wool is unique and different in terms of fabric. It is crease-resistant, but sometimes some wool garment gets light creases, so it requires ironing for a more classic and neat look. Further wool is sensitive …

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