Ironing Prices (Around the World in 2024)

Ironing prices vary according to the country. It’s a bit expensive in developed countries like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Moreover, laundry service prices are less in developing countries like India, Thailand, Pakistan, etc.

Further, prices vary whether you want a professional ironing service or a home ironing service. We here discuss in detail the average price range in different zones.

An ironing service saves your time and makes it easy for you if you are not good at ironing or you hate ironing. Most importantly, if you are a working woman and have a lot more family responsibilities you can take the service and make your life stress-free. But if you can manage your time you can do it yourself with less effort and cost-effective way by using the latest steam irons that have inbuild prodigious features.

How much do ironing services cost?

Many factors affect the prices of ironing. It varies from country to country but the main and most important factor is demand and supply if the demand for anything or task increases, its prices go up, as demand is directly proportional to price. But demand and supply are inversely proportional.

Ironing Setup and management

Charges for ironing are divided into 4 different ways, per hour, per weight, per item, and a shirt.

Ways of ironingAverage Cost
Ironing per Hour$15£12-18$25-35$15$6-8$4-6
Ironing per KG$15£5-6$25-30$11$3-4$2-3
Ironing per Item50cents-$3 £0.6-5 $2$0.9-3$0.5$0.5
Ironing per Shirt$2 £ 1.50-1.75$1.5 $1.5 -2$0.07$0.25

As ironing per hour cost is paid because of the time and effort a person put for one hour into ironing different garments and ironing per item is paid according to the type of garment and the total volume of the piece.

Additional Cost for Ironing Services

Some additional costs need to pay if you take other services with ironing like pick up and drop off are about $5-$10. Some ironing service providers charge a minimum fee to cover the small load cost and the setup execution cost.

Pick up and Delivery services for ironing

Difference between Professional Ironing Service Prices vs. Home Ironing Service Prices

Home ironing services price cost less than professional ironing services, as you hire someone to come home and do the ironing. But at home, you have to require approximately $150-$200 for the setup of simple and with minimum cost. Which require a steam iron or steam generator iron, ironing board or mat, and sleeve ironing board. And the person mostly charges according to the items or per hour, so generally costs less than the big companies. If you want a great setup at home by which you provide every type of ironing service we suggest the best iron generators and related products you can check by ”Clicking here”. Even we share the different ways by which we can iron without an ironing board at home. Only you have to bear the one-time cost.

Home Ironing Services
Home Ironing
Professional ironing services
Professional Ironing

For professional ironing services the delivery charges, electricity costs, and because of proper branding and professionalism they charge more.

Professional Ironing ServicesHome Ironing Services
12 kgPer Item
UK£11£0.5- £1

Our Verdict: Is it Economical to Do Your Ironing at Home?

As we collected the average price according to our reach, prices may be somewhat different according to town and the size of the company. According to our analysis, Australia is expensive according to services. So, we recommend you to go for the best handheld steamer, which makes your life easy and you can iron your clothes easily.

If you are working and making more money and spending time on something more productive than you go with the services its’ better. Because we believe in the circulation of money. You are spending time for something better and hiring for services creates employment also for someone.

To go for professional ironing or home-based hiring depends on your budget. For a more professional look or for some more expensive and embellished attire we recommend you go for a professional ironing to get an aesthetic look. Otherwise for daily clothes ironing, hiring a person at home is more economical.

Ironing Service and Top Tips

Check the video before starting the ironing service professionally and how to set ironing prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Necessary equipment, like irons, steamers, steam generator, wireless iron, steam press, ironing boards, mats, sleeves ironing board, hangers, packaging, and wrinkle release sprays. Further, you need a proper place where electric connections are set.

Advertising cost, employers which are ironing experts, deliver services arrangement and management team.

Lastly, a proper plan of your charges according to per hour, per item, and weight.

Only if you want to pick up, drop off, dry clean, and folding of clothes. This task requires extra costs if you require otherwise not. Some may offer free delivery services along with ironing.

Hiring someone at home is more cost-effective especially if delivery of the service-providing company is not free.

It mostly depends on the size of the cloth, the products you are using, and how many experts you are. But the average ratio is 6-8 clothes having size of a shirt.

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