13 Best Steam Irons 2024: Tested and Reviewed

Are you thinking of buying a new steam iron because you are distressed by too much time consumption in ironing? Most people would agree that ironing clothes is not an easy task. Moreover, it can be even harder if your iron is not smooth and doesn’t glide effortlessly over the fabric.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get your clothes to look sharp and wrinkle-free, you need a good iron. We will be discoursing the best steam irons on the market.

As, we considered factors such as price, features, productivity, durability, warranty, and customer reviews to help you choose the perfect iron for your needs. Most importantly, we cover almost all the steam iron brands like Philips, Braun, Rowenta, Tafel, Black & Decker, Maytag, and Panasonic, giving the best results.

This blog post will highlight some of the top-rated steam irons on the market for ironing.

Our Top Picks


Rowenta Professional DW5280 Steam Iron

Rowenta Professional DW5280 Steam Iron 

 Top-rated steam iron

  • Features: 3.22 pounds Weight, 1750 watts Power, 135 gram/m Steam shots, 400 micro steam holes.
  • Benefits: Stainless steel soleplate with a high precision metal tip, along with a large water tank.
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Rowenta Professional DW5280 1725-Watts Steam Iron

Sunbeam Classic 1200 Mid-size Steam Iron

Best vertical steam iron

  • Features: 2.7 pounds Weight, 1200 watts Power, 8 foot Cord length, vertical as well horizontal Steaming.
  • Benefits: Very economical, Sleek, lightweight, and comfortable to carry yet efficient.
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Maytag steam iron

Maytag Speed Heat Steam Iron 

Best garment steam iron

  • Features: 2.88 pounds Weight, Water tank capacity 12 oz. with Auto shut-off, vertical as well horizontal Steaming.
  • Benefits: Compact size and efficient heating system, perfect for sewing and quilting, It is good for applying veneer edging.
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Professional grade steam iron

Professional grade Steam iron

Best steam iron to buy

  • Features: 3.2 pounds Weight, 1500 watts Wattage, 260 ml of Water tank capacity Auto shut-off in multiple positions, vertical steaming.
  • Benefits: It’s quite economical, easy to refill the water tank, and exceptionally smooth glide technology with a button-fit tip to remove the wrinkles in between the spaces.
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How we tested Steam Irons to Select

In our lab, we tested 20 different steam irons of different brands like CHI, shark, Panasonic, Maytag, Braun, Tafel, Rowenta, etc. We tested the irons for a whole month at different times. On all types of fabrics (like cotton, linen, silk, nylon, wool, and curtains) at different temperatures. We check the steam shot feature too on each material and check the timings each stuff requires and which iron is more productive and gives good results at different times.

Testing an iron
filling water tank of iron

Moreover, we tested the iron from different aspects like temperature variation, heat-up time, soleplate bottom, handle grip, watt power, cord length, auto-switch off, size, and anti-calcium feature. We select all those iron that almost fulfill most of the above features.

More importantly, we welcome the old customer’s suggestions and improvements needed and by market survey about the given products that are going well or facing problems. As, some brands check their irons before packing them in the factory outlet, to whether they are working fine. So, you may find some condensation in the items the product is tested.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we have something for you that will help you find the perfect steam iron! We’re going to break down all the important information and help you make the best decision possible.

Our Latest Pick

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron:


  • Vertical Steaming (Ideal for Quick Touch Ups), Spray Mist (Remove Stubborn Wrinkles), Special Resin Filter (Tap Water Friendly), Variable temperature control, a burst of steam, self-cleaning and anti-drip system, and Auto-shut off.

The Mueller Retractable Steam Iron is a game-changer in ironing technology. Its rapid 3-second steam regeneration and swift max temperature reach in under a minute outpace traditional irons. Moreover, the stainless steel soleplate effortlessly glides, suitable for all fabric types. Furthermore, Mueller promises superior quality for an easier life, backed by reliable customer support. 

Ironing just got a major upgrade. Customers review a positive response to this economical choice for ironing with very good results.  

Best Way to Store a Steam Iron

Just like any other gadget, your iron’s longevity depends on how well you take care of it. If you give it the right care, it can stay in good shape and work well for many years.

The best way to store your steam iron is first to empty the water tank and then store it in a safe place in a vertical position. By keeping it this way, it is hygienically good to use fresh water for steam when you want to do the ironing. Moreover, it prevents calcium build-up, keeps the soleplate clean, and increases the lifespan of iron.

Best Steam Irons for Clothes -Top Rated Irons

Ironing may seem like a boring job, but with the right technique and equipment, you can transform it into an opportunity to achieve professional results.

1. Russell Hobbs 25090 One Temperature Steam Iron

Best steam iron for clothes

If you’re looking for an iron that’s easy to use and won’t take a lot of time or effort to get your clothes looking great. We recommend the Russell Hobbs 25090 Steam Iron as the best option. With a simple one-temperature design, this iron is perfect for anyone for all your fabrics, from denim to silk. You will love the smooth glide of the ceramic soleplate, infused with titanium and tourmaline making you able to speed through your ironing pile in no time!

Additionally, the auto-shutoff function means you can trust this iron to take care of itself. Plus, there is a large water tank of 350 ml that requires less refilling, and the three-way safety auto shut-off keeps things safe. Moreover, with its anti-drip and self-clean features, you will be able to keep your iron in great condition for years to come. One of the best clothes iron so far in our experience.

Key Features:

Wattage2600 watts
Item weight1.72 kg
Steam shots210 g
Water tank350 ml

Best iron for clothes
  • One temperature technology, no needs to change temperature as it is safe for all fabrics
  • Long cord
  • Auto-shutoff function, when the iron is stationary for some time
  • A bit more heavy

2. Rowenta DW8080 Professional Micro Steam Iron

Masterpiece for Quilters and seamstress

Rowenta is one of the most famous brands among irons and iron accessories. But on steam irons, Rowenta DW8080 professional has its worth. When our team tested it they became amazed at the ultra-powerful steam with angled precision tip. Moreover, its 400 steam holes along with 1700-watt power remove the toughest wrinkles in less time.

steam burst of rowenta

Furthermore, the ergonomic covered handle, with a non-slip grip and thermostat knob, can adjust the heat output according to the type of fabric. Easy refilling of the water tank, which holds 12.7 ounces of water, and an anti-calcium system increase the life span of iron by removing the impurities from water from time to time and preventing blockage.

A Three-way way auto-off system, with anti-drip, protects delicate fabrics. Moreover, its vertical steaming is also exceptional, providing perfect results for curtains, blankets, large garments, and pet beds. It has a dry ironing option too, which worked perfectly. So, simply check the price and go with this pro master iron by Rowenta.

Key Features:

Weight3.5 pounds
Wattage1700 watts
Auto-shut offYes, in 3 ways
Steaming400 micro steam holes & 150g/min. steam burst
Rowenta DW8080 steam iron
  • It heats up quickly and has very small holes from which steam passes out and smooth performance

  • It has a large water tank
  • It’s a masterpiece for quilters
  • Some users report water leakage but we recommend that cleaning up every two weeks gives you the best results and you do not face this issue. Cleaning of Rowenta DW8080 is quick and easy

3. Professional Grade Iron for Clothes (World’s Best Steamer)

Pur-Steam Iron

The best steamer steam iron choice for clothes. This is one of the best-selling and all-purpose iron. If you are in search of the best economical choice from every perspective like, safety features, ironing time, smooth and durable soleplate, long cord, large water tank, thermostat control, and it provides ideal temperature for a variety of fabrics. One of the most important features that old models lack and it has is auto-shutoff in 3-ways. This provides great safety during any accidental fall or forgetting to turn off the iron in an emergency.

Additionally, the exceptional feature of Pur-Steam iron is its tap water-friendly up to 12 grains of hardness. Along with that its anti-calcium function carries impurities while ironing and provides a smooth glide.  

Furthermore, the most likable feature mostly customer reviews about it is steam distribution even because of axial align steam holes. So, no complaints were received from the customers related to its output as a well-balanced distribution of steam.

Key Features:

Item weight2.2 pounds
Cord length8 foot
Auto Shut-off3-ways
Power1700 watts
SteamingVertical and Horizontal

4. Braun TS745A Steam Iron

Best steam garment iron

Best steam garment iron

Introducing the Braun TS745A TexStyle 7 Steam Iron with Anti-Scratch Eloxal Soleplate accelerates the work speed to finish a large pile of laundry in very little time! This powerful iron has a variable steam output of 50 g/minute, perfect for removing stubborn creases in curtains and clothes.

Furthermore, the iron is also equipped with an auto shut-off feature that shuts off after 8 minutes in a vertical position or 30 seconds in a horizontal position. Plus, it sports a precision tip and 180g/min steam shot with a 2400W power output, which helps get the job done quickly and easily. And don’t forget – it comes with an anti-calcium and anti-drip system to keep your fabric safe and looking great. A long cord with a comfortable handle makes your life easier with the Braun TexStyle 7 Steam Iron.

Key Features:

Wattage2400 watts
Item weight1.4 kg
Steam shots180 g/min.
Cord length 2.5 m

Braun iron
  • Super speedy and easily glides as it has an Eloxal soleplate
  • Tank water capacity is good enough that it does not require a frequent trip to tap
  • Accurate temperature control
  • The auto-off setting makes it safe
  • A bit more heavy
  • The handle is not too flexible

 5. BLACK+DECKER D3030 Allure

Professional steam iron

One of the trusted names in steam iron which does wonders. Black Decker d3030 Allure professional gives your attire a fresh look with its amazing transformation by releasing stubborn creases and giving a crisp look because it produces 30% more steam than the Tafel and shark. However, its stainless steel soleplate provides an amazing glide with no, scratching.

Moreover, its auto-clean feature keeps the iron internally clean which flushes even residue from time to time. Hence, increases the efficiency and durability of iron.

Additionally, it has five temperature setting options, which provide a wide range of heat according to your need for fabric material. Its vertical steaming helps to give a touch-up when needed for curtains, and already ironed clothes in a hanger.

Lastly, while testing the iron we feel its handle grip is amazing. As it fits perfectly in your hand a comfortable grip helps you iron more piles without feeling grogginess in your hands.

Key Features:

Wattage1600 watts
Item weight1.89 pounds
Steam shots Steam surge feature

Professional steam iron
  • Dynamic steam surge technology gives you over 30% more steam which decreases the time to iron clothes
  • The handle grip of the Black+Decker D3030 is very comfortable
  • Can work great in a vertical position too, which is helpful to remove wrinkles from delicate fabric without touching the iron soleplate
  • While using iron gets very hot
  • Sometimes spits water

6. Rowenta Professional DW5280

Best-rated steam iron

New-made in Germany Rowenta provides different amazing features, one of which is a premium soleplate whose precision tip, has steam holes, that target to provide steam in between buttons, collars, and seams. Moreover, it removes the crease with only one pass because of its design and steam holes. Its Premium soleplate, with steam burst function along with vertical steaming, is perfect for a large variety of clothes, like drapers, curtains, pet beds, and blankets.

More importantly, its water tank is transparent from which you can easily watch the water capacity and refill it when it drops below a certain level. One feature that makes it different from other irons is that you can use it for steam and dry ironing too, totally up to you.

Lastly, its anti-drip and anti-calcium features protect clothes from any damage and increase the productivity of the iron in the long term. It is highly recommended for energy saving as its 3-way auto switch-off provides you extra safety. Rowenta Professional automatically shuts off after 8 minutes of inactivity and gets off in 30 seconds if left on its face or forgotten to switch off.

Key Features:

Wattage1750 watts
Item weight3.22 pounds
Steam shots135 g/min.
Steam holes 400 micro steam holes

Rowenta DW 5280 steam iron
  • Fewer refills require as the water tank size is large enough, the water tank is transparent you can easily see the water level
  • High precision metal tip, which is very helpful for hard-to-reach places like, in between buttons, pockets
  • Some users report leakage while the iron is in a standing position

7. Sunbeam Classic 1200

Best vertical steam iron

An incredibly classic sunbeam ergonomics and minimalistic design with its white color make this iron more demanded and likable by our customers.  Every detail is visible and indicated clearly on the iron: its temperature setting, steam shot function, or vertical steaming.

Moreover, it contains all the essential features like steam burst, temperature control, anti-drip, auto-shutoff, and vertical steaming. One great piece of news is that it has a lifetime soleplate warranty and a 3-year iron warranty.

Key Features:

Wattage1200 watts
Item weight2.7 pounds
SteamingVertical as well as horizontal
Auto shut-offyes
Cord length8 foot
Steam holes Yes, with spray mist

Best vertical steam iron
  • Sleek, lightweight, and comfortable to carry
  • Very economical, yet efficient
  • Have a power light indicator that shows that the iron is on
  • Heat up quickly and does not drip water as it has the best anti-drip feature.
  • Can use for vertical ironing too
  • Left stain if not follow the guideline and keep care to anti-scaling because it removes minerals inside the iron

8. Maytag Speed Heat Steam Iron

Best steam iron for sewing and quilting

Maytag has over 100 years of experience in building machines, and its focus is on what’s inside matters. Maytag irons have been manufactured by engineers with the latest heating technology and less consumption of power. It turns off when reaches full temperature in 40 seconds.

Moreover, it is powered by speed heat technology, when a steam burst is used, and gets regenerated in 3 seconds again, which makes it different from all other steam irons. Furthermore, stainless steel soleplate with a precision thermostat by which iron temperature can be adjusted according to cotton, linen, wool, silk, nylon, and synthetic. Its medium weight makes it easier to iron.

Maytag speed heat steam iron is just love, can be used for sewing, and quilting, and with vertical steaming, you can iron curtains, drapers, and hanging clothes too.

Key Features:

Item weight2.88 pounds
Auto shut-offyes
Water tank capacity12 oz.
SteamingVertical as well as horizontal
Steam holesYes, with spray mist
SoleplateStainless steel
Maytag iron
  • Have a very efficient heating system because Maytag uses new heating technology that starts generating heat in less than 3 seconds
  • Compact size and have perfect for sewing and quilting also as it heats fast, does not drip water, and has multiple temperature settings
  • It is good for applying veneer edging also without leaving marks
  • The water reservoir is small that you need to fill it often. But it comes with a little jug that makes it easy to refill the water in the tank
One of the most likable choices by our experts is Maytag and Pur-steam iron (Professional grade. 

9. CHI Steam Iron for Clothes

Best iron in the market

CHI a famous brand for over 30 years in hair care-related products, now started manufacturing irons and steamers for clothes.  CHI is one of the best companions for you if you want a perfect look from head to toe, either hair or your clothes.

Most importantly, its titanium-infused soleplate provides an extra smooth glide that heats up quickly. Temperature dial with fabric guide, comfortable handle with 8-foot retractable cord winds into the base make it unique among the other steam irons. Almost, 400 steam holes with a nice spray and powerful steam are remarkable.

Key Features:

ColorGolden and Black
Item weight3.5 pounds
Auto shut-offyes, in 3 ways
Water tank capacity260 ml
SteamingVertical as well as horizontal
Wattage 1700 watts
Soleplate Titanium infused ceramic steel
Best iron in the market
  • A long retractable cord that winds up quickly and makes the storage easier.
  • Sleek handle with a textured design, which makes the iron more comfortable to carry and work
  • Scratch-resistant titanium infused soleplate
  • Blast and spray mist button which helps to remove the stubborn creases fast
  • It’s hard to find drawbacks of CHI steam iron but some users report leakage after some time

10. T-Fal Ultraglide Durilium Soleplate Steam Iron

Best iron reviews

Looking for an ultra-sleek iron that effortlessly takes out the wrinkles in your clothes? Look no further than the T-Fal ultra glide steam iron for clothes. Its scratch-resistant soleplate ensures a smooth glide every time, while its powerful 1800W enables continuous steam output of 40g/min, this impressive appliance delivers a 100g/min steam shot deep into fabrics – perfect for taking care of even the most stubborn creases.

Moreover, the anti-drip function prevents water stains, with a 270ml tank capacity and 175cm cord, this iron is perfect, easy to use, and move around. Simply choose the temperature you need and let it get to work!

Additionally, the patented removable Scale Collector captures up to 10x more scale particles than other models, preventing build-up and ensuring long-lasting steam power. Plus, the new Durilium Air glide soleplate brings 33% more glide* to your ironing experience, making quick work of any fabric. So why wait?

Key Features:

Wattage1800 watts
Item weight1.6 kg
Water tank capacity270 ml
Steam shot150 g/min.
T-Fal Ultraglide Steam Iron for Clothes Durilium Soleplate
  • Lightweight and efficient iron
  • Economical to buy
  • Heats up fast and the air glide soleplate provides smooth ironing
  • The water tank is too small and difficult to see the water level
  • A bit noisy whistle

11. Shark Steam Iron

Best steam iron to buy

A very low-budget, lightweight steam iron. Which is high in demand because of its premium stainless-steel soleplate with a lot of steam holes, evenly distributed. Its 1500 watts of power makes the professional look of clothes and that can do ironing in a vertical position.

Moreover, its smooth glide technology with a button-fit tip provides easy, smooth movement on cloth. Its anti-drip feature along with multi-position shut-off, with an easy refill water tank of 260 ml and broad heel rest, are some quite great features that make it endearing among users.

Lastly, one main point you must know is that shark have pretested their irons after manufacturing to maintain their quality, so sometimes some condensation in the water tank, so, do not be disappointed that the iron is used.

Currently Unavailable in the United States (US), the best alternative you can check is Pur-steam Iron

Key Features:

Item weight3.2 pounds
Auto shut-offyes, in multiple positions
Water tank capacity260 ml
SteamingVertical as well as horizontal
Steam holesYes, with a spray mist
Soleplate Stainless steel
Best steam iron to buy
  • It’s not heavy, easy to refill the water tank, and comes with a filling flask
  • It’s quite economical, however with tons of amazing features along with exceptionally smooth glide technology
  • It has a button fit tip to remove the wrinkles in between the spaces, which is perfect for pressing dress shirts especially
  • A popping sound arises when the water is heating to steam temperature but that is not loud

12. BLACK+DECKER Compact Steam Iron

Best economical steam iron

Black+Decker compact iron can work great for you if you have a low budget and you need an iron that works well for your clothes. Moreover, peace of mind with its motion-sensitive technology, so it auto-shut off if left inactive on its heel, side, and soleplate.

Furthermore, its transparent water tank, smart steam technology, spray mist, anti-drip, and true-guide non-stick soleplate with 360* pivoting technology, are some amazing features helpful in doing collars and sewing.

Key Features:

Wattage1200 watts
Item weight3.5 pounds
Auto shut-offYes, in 3 ways
SoleplateTrue-glide son-stick soleplate
SteamSmart steam technology with spray mist
economical steam iron
  • Very economical along with the best performance
  • Pivoting cord, which makes the ironing more comfortable, because you can more easily in any direction
  • Smart steam, comfortable grip with detailed fabric guide indicator on iron makes it likable for our customers.
  • Some customers complain about splitting water
  • Small water reservoir, and generate loud popping sound

13. Hamilton Beach Steam Iron & Vertical Steamer

Best quality soleplate iron

Best soleplate Iron
Scratch-Resistant Durathon Soleplate

Hamilton Beach makes your life easier by making a wide range of products. One of Hamilton’s great and unique features is that they do extensive research and rigorous testing to provide the best quality for your everyday needs.

Hamilton Beach steam iron soleplate is 10 times more durable soleplate than the traditional iron non-stick soleplate and provides 80% more steam as it’s equipped with 1800-watt power, which is quite good for quick wrinkles removal. Moreover, three ways of auto-shutoff, if it falls on its face or the side, it turns off automatically in 30 seconds, and if left unattended on its heel it takes 15 minutes to shut off. 

Furthermore, the self-cleaning feature increases the life of iron if used properly, which helps prevent mineral deposits by removing them with time.  One-touch temperature control- simply touch the button to select your fabric.

Key Features:

Item weight3.5 pounds
CordRetractable cord
Auto Shut-off3-ways
Temperature ControlOne-touch temperature Control
Power1800 watts
Best Vertical Steamer

What Should I Look for Before Buying a Steam Iron?

Factors that are necessary to keep in account before deciding the best steam iron selection. We discuss the detail about each factor in detail so that you make a wise choice.

Temperature setting indicator

1. Heat-up Time and Temperature Ready Indicator

 Higher wattage means faster heat-up, and you can do your ironing in less time. The shorter the heat-up time, the more quickly you are done with your work. The steam iron having an indicator when the iron is fully heated up to start your work is better. As the indicator light is on, you can start ironing it saving you time. We give priority to those irons which have clear heat indicators.

2. Steam Output and Steam Shots

Continuous steam pressure is the main factor for a good steam iron. 50g/minute is considered as the higher steam output, which helps your job quicker.

When you have clothes with stubborn wrinkles, steam shots are the best feature of a steam iron. We list the irons that have steam shots function ranging from 110g-340g/ minute.

Infographics of buying guide for best steam irons

3. Auto-shutoff

One of the most unrecognized features by most ironers is auto-shutoff, which plays a crucial role while working with high-power iron. While ironing, if you forget your iron down the face on clothes and leave the place in a hurry or accidentally slip down from your hand that will not cause a fire. So, prefer the iron which has a 3-way auto-switch-off function.

4. Tank Capacity and Size

If the tank capacity is larger it means the size of the iron is also large. We prefer the tank capacity for steam iron is 0.26-0.4 liters. As if a greater tank, the weight of the iron increases and you get tired in less time. So, if you want a greater tank so that less refilling is required then we recommend you go for steam generator iron. Because it has a separate water tank the weight of the iron is not increased.

Moreover, prefer the steam iron which has easy refilling and transparency so you can easily see the level of water from the outside.

5. Anti-dripping and Anti-Calcium

Today, almost all steam irons have this feature. As it requires especially when the temperature level falls when we want to iron silk or any soft cloth at a low temperature, steam production is very low. This may result in dripping, so keeping our clothes safe with the anti-dripping feature is essential.

Moreover, the Anti-calcium function helps to increase the durability of the iron soleplate.  So prefer iron which has both features, anti-drip, and anti-calcium.

6. Cord length and Vertical Steaming

If your iron has having long cord with a vertical steaming feature too, it’s a treat for you. Because now you have multiple options, you can do whatever you want to iron, whether for quilting, drapers, curtains, or hanging clothes. 

7. Soleplate Material

There are mostly three different soleplate materials of steam iron available in the market: stainless steel, Ceramic, and Aluminum. We recommended the stainless steel soleplate iron, as it conducts better heat and steam production. It’s more durable and long-lasting.

Whereas the Aluminum soleplate is cheaper it is good in heat distribution over the cloth. Moreover, the ceramic soleplate has a coating on aluminum, it is best for synthetic fabrics as it resists static charge.  But the drawback is that it wears down over time.

8. Comfortable

We prefer to test and review the best clothes iron which are light in weight, have a comfortable handle, and are easy to grip. So, it makes your task less hectic if you have a large pile of clothes. The iron which is uncomfortable to handle makes your task harder.

At last, we recommend you see the warranty and customer service provided by that specific brand. So, if you need any services or problem fixation, you will not regret it later on.

An Ironing board and a good iron also play an important role in comfortable ironing and better results.

Read More: Best Steam Irons UK

Why We Recommend Professional Grade and Maytag Over Panasonic Steam Irons

Professional grade and Maytag Vs. Panasonic steam iron

We prefer Professional grade and Maytag iron because they have a more sleek ergonomic design with comfortable gripping and less weight. Moreover, with less price and the latest technology, Maytag has its name in steam irons. Some great features are fast heat-up, smooth glide, a spray of a fine mist, and ease of use. Whereas, the Panasonic steam iron is heavy and less user-friendly. Panasonic best performed in steam generators and dry irons. You can check the detailed analysis of the Best Panasonic steam stations and steam irons here.

Is a Steam or Dry Iron better for Removing Wrinkles?

When it comes to removing wrinkles from your clothes, both steam and dry irons can do the job. But to choose which is better? We suggest having clothes iron that can work both in dry and steam form.

If you are dealing with tough fabrics like khaddar, denim, cotton, or linen, an iron with steam works best. You can spray some water and use a burst of steam on a high-heat setting to tackle stubborn wrinkles. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with more delicate fabrics like silk or synthetics, a dry iron without steam is better. Use low temperature, if the fabric is sensitive to water spots.

The latest iron for clothes today can be adjusted to different steam levels. They can even produce a little bit of steam on lower heat settings for delicate fabrics. So, whether you use an iron with steam or without depends on the type of fabric and how easy it is to get rid of wrinkles from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use steam iron without water. First, empty the iron when it cools down, and then turn off the steam setting to dry. Now switch on your iron and set the dial according to your clothes type.

Firstly, keep the iron empty after use. So, that mineral does not get deposits at its base. Secondly, clean the iron or do descaling after 3 months.

Steam iron leaves marks when it is left with water for long period, and mineral leaves a deposit on its base. Furthermore, iron is not cleaned properly after some time. You can check the detailed tips and methods in the blog post How to clean an iron properly?

Both irons are good according to your need. But steam iron removes the stubborn creases easily and quickly. Moreover, you can use the steam iron as a dry setting too.

Both have their place. But iron requires a bit of expertise and provides a level of polish that steamer can’t. Whereas, a steamer is good if you have to iron screen print shirts, jackets, or clothes with beads.

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