Best Steam Iron under $50 – Best Cheap Irons (April 2024)

A pearl of great wisdom is to get “more bang for your buck.”

Do you want the best cheap iron for daily ironing, but your priority is the quality of the product? An expensive product does not guarantee good quality always. A good value for the price will give you a better return on investment. We work thoroughly on steam irons first in every budget. Then we decide to check thoroughly the cheap irons, to suggest you the best steam iron under $50.

We check almost 25 conventional, handheld irons and steamers of different brands and bring amazing choices from steam irons under $50. So, you can decide easily within less budget.

Our main target or priority while selecting the best budget steam irons is tank capacity, weight, durability, fabric indicator, and anti-calc. function, leakage, and cord length. Last but not least soleplate material is the prime feature we consider while selecting and we prefer the irons which are having stainless steel or ceramic soleplates.

Our Outright Best Cheap Irons

pur steam iron

Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron
  •  Weight: 2.2 Pounds
  • Auto-shutoff: yes, in multiple positions
  •  anti-calcium feature: yes
  • Power: 1700 watts
  • Cord length: 8 foot


sunbeam steam master
Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron
  • Weight: 2.95 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Auto-shutoff: yes, timings vary according to the position of the iron
  • Water tank capacity: 7 oz.
  • Cord length: 8.5 Foot

Shark steam Iron
Shark Steam Iron
  • Color: Gray/Red
  •  Weight: 3.2 Pounds
  • Auto-shutoff: yes, in multiple positions
  •  Water tank capacity: 260 ml
  • Power: 1500 watts

Best Steam Irons under $50 in 2024- Affordable and Best Quality Irons (Reviews)

1. Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron for Clothes

Best Runner-Up Cheap Iron

Pur steam iron is one of the world’s best steamers just only 27000 Amazon users review it and are happy with it. We tested it in our lab and got one for our home use too after getting astonishing results from this amazing inexpensive iron under $50.

Steam iron with a highly durable, thick chromium finish, scratch-resistant, ultra-smooth stainless steel soleplate. Further, it has the best temperature control, you can select the temperature and steam output according to your fabric needs. Its axial steam holes added more value to get the preeminent results.

Necessary features for steam iron

Most importantly, this lightweight, budget-friendly iron with 1700 watts of power cuts your ironing time to half and is a perfect choice for you even if you are a quilter, sewer, and crafter. Its 3-way auto-shutoff provides you peace of mind to avoid any burnt, anti-drip, and anti-calcium, large water tank, with an extra-long cord, hence we can say, it has all the features you get from any expensive well-leading irons brand.

 Lastly, its live customer support is amazing which helps you solve the problem if you face any issues. Further, if you find a drop of water in the water tank don’t worry it’s because they test iron after building to provide the best to their customers.

Key Features:

Color Black
Weight2.2 Pounds
Auto-shutoffyes, in multiple positions
Power1700 watts
Cord length8 foot
anti-calcium featureYes
pur steam iron under $50
  • Lightweight, axial aligned steam holes
  • Vertical steaming also works great
  • Detailed, fabric adjuster with the temperature output setting
  • High power, which saves your time and is best for quilters and crafters.
  •  The peep sound is a bit disgusting.

2. BLACK+DECKER F67E Classic Steam Iron

Best Inexpensive Steam Iron

A startling old-fashioned look cheap steam iron but has all modern features with great productivity on a low budget. Classic steam iron with both steam and dry features, when want to remove the tough creases switch on the steam setting otherwise it works very well in the dry setting too. Moreover, it has a proper detailed fabric guide mentioned on it with a temperature setting and an on/off button.

Furthermore, it adds a piece of mind with its amazing auto-switch-off feature in three different positions. Its light indicator gets on when the iron is plugged into power. It has 150 ml of a water tank and a high-quality aluminum soleplate which is durable and long-lasting.

Key Features:

Color White/ Black
Weight3.2 Pounds
Auto-shutoffyes, in 3 ways
Warranty2 years
Cord length8 foot
Water tank capacity150 ml
Black+dacker iron in less price
  • Work as both dry and steam iron
  • Easy to work with a detailed fabric guide with adjustable temperature
  • Long cord
  • Some users feel it is heavy

3. Panasonic NI-E660SR Dry and Steam Iron

Best Lightweight Steam Iron

One of the best runner-up steam iron is quite economical which is less than $50 but performs the all necessary amazing feature any steam iron has. It works both as steam as well as dry iron.

It has a stainless steel soleplate which provides extra smooth glide along with a U-shape with a one-touch spray mist. Hence one of the best evenly distributing steam across clothes.

Moreover, it has a higher steam setting for heavier clothes and lower for delicate fabrics. You can control the temperature easily with a precision dial. Furthermore, it has an auto-shutoff function, which makes it safe if you forget to switch off the iron or leave it while working in case of an emergency.

Key Features:

Color White/ Purple
Weight2 Pounds
Auto-shutoff yes, timings vary according to the position of iron
Warranty1 year
Cord length8.5 Foot
Water tank capacity150 ml
Panasonic cheap iron under $50
  • Elegant look, easy to carry, and lightweight
  • Long cord with automatic cord storage with one-touch
  • Instant steam with steam mist feature
  • Anti-calcium feature to keep the steam clean and long-term productivity of iron
  • Few users report leakage but very less, if you faced it’s eradicated easily if you keep the iron clean over time

4. Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron

Best Iron to Purchase

One of the best value-added in your home and work if you buy this sunbeam steam master on such an affordable budget.  It has all the features or can say more features than an expensive iron, and its performance is also a breeze that makes you happy.

Further, it is one of the best performers in a sunbeam with amazing features, like dual spray mist that dampens the clothes and loosens the creases, auto-shutoff, and anti-calc. feature, an 8-foot-long retractable cord, like a large stainless steel soleplate with an amazing soleplate glide.

Furthermore, it has anti-drip technology which prevents leakage and no, mess. Moreover, vertical steaming that making it convenient to iron curtains, garments, and drapers.

Key Features:

Color White/ Purple
Weight2.95 Pounds
Auto-shutoff yes, timings vary according to the position of iron
Warranty3 years
Cord length8.5 Foot
Water tank capacity7 Oz.
Sunbeam iron under $50
  • Exceptional performance with all amazing features
  • Retractable long cord
  • Dual spray mist for toughest creases.
  • Anti-drip feature, so not create a mess and keeps you away from worry
  • Heavy and some users do not feel comfortable holding

5. Hamilton Beach Steam Iron

Best Clothes iron under $50

Soleplate iron of best cheap steam iron under $50

An affordable steam iron has a durathon soleplate which is 10 times more durable with incredible smooth glide on fabric. Moreover, it offers 60% more continuous steam which helps in removing the toughest wrinkles, and is the best choice for quilters, seamstresses, and crafters.

Additionally, it has all the features an ironer is looking for, such as superior glide, a long retractable cord, anti-drip, three-way auto-shutoff, self-cleaning, and vertical steaming.

Key Features:

Color Blue
Weight3.19 Pounds
Auto-shutoff Yes
Warranty1 years
Cord length8 Foot
Power1500 watts
Water tank capacity7 Oz.
Hamilton inexpensive steam iron
  • Durathon non-stick soleplate which provides an exceptionally smooth glide.
  • Retractable long cord
  • Continues steam power is much more than other traditional irons
  • Its electric plug is designed for the US, for international use may require an adopter or convertor.

6. Rowenta Access Steam Iron

Best Rowenta Iron

Rowenta has its name in the market for providing the best products always same we find Rowenta access as the best clothes iron in the market, on such a friendly budget.

Most importantly, it’s the perfect choice for any fabric type. It has a durable stainless steel soleplate with 300 micro-steam holes with 180g/min. steam shot, which distributes steam on clothes to give your dress an elegant fine look.

Further, it has a precision tip along with thermo knob 3-settings which helps reach in-between areas also and gives an overall completely creaseless look. Last but not least auto-switch off, anti-calc. function, high power, vertical steaming, large water tank with easy refilling, comfortable ergonomic handle, and sleek modern design. Hence, these are some more amazing features in addition to the above which make Rowenta Access one of our favorite cheap irons.

Key Features:

Color Black
Weight3.43 Pounds
Auto-shutoff Yes
Warranty1 year
Cord length8 Foot
Power1700 watts
Rowenta cheap steam irons under $50
  • Steam holes with amazing steam shot features remove stubborn wrinkles from clothes.
  • Elegant design with comfortable handle
  • A good choice for sewing projects
  • It takes time to heat up
  • Some users report temperature issues

7. Shark Steam Iron

Best Budget Steam Iron

Shark is one of the leading brands of irons, which brings shark lightweight steam iron which is budget-friendly and adds the best value to your ironing room. It has 8.5’’ stainless steel with a smooth glide, with small holes for even steam distribution, and works as a professional iron.  

Additionally, it works great for drapers, curtains, and thick fabric. Furthermore, its lightweight, 260 ml water tank refilling capacity, with great 1500-watt power, auto-shutoff, an anti-drip feature, and smooth glide technology are some amazing features, that make it one of the best inexpensive iron, we tested.

Key Features:

Color Gray/Red
Weight3.2 Pounds
Auto-shutoff Yes, in multiple positions
Water tank capacity260 ml
Power1500 watts
Shark steam Iron under $50
  • Lightweight can easily work for a large pile of clothing
  • Soleplate glide is extra smooth which provides great touch-ups
  • Works like a professional even if you can iron clothes vertically
  • Few users report leakage so, better to use distilled water if you face the issue

How to Pick the Best Cheap Steam Iron Under $50

(The Ultimate Guide to Selecting an Affordable Steam Iron)

Best cheap steam iron under $50 Buying guide

Wrapping Up

Iron whether a cheap or expensive task is to give a finished look to your clothes and remove the creases. So, we put our experience, observations, and analysis on the best cheap irons for day-to-day use at home.

We select only the best cheap irons under $50, which we find to put forward for you, and we still working on these. As we find some best choices we further add on.  Most liked by us are Professional Grade Pur Steam Iron, BLACK+DECKER F67E Classic Steam Iron, Shark Steam Iron, and Sunbeam Steam Master because we find these as the complete package for any ironer who wants a good choice in less than a $50 budget. Their soleplates are highly durable, and fabric selectors and high power make them more usable and likable. These all steam irons under £50.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s not necessary to use only distilled water you can use tap water too. But it is better to use 50% distilled and 50% tap water. It increases the productivity of steam iron.

As we mention all the irons above have a warranty of 1 year but we only bring forward the iron which we find more durable and good build-up.  So, it’s all about how to keep the iron, if you keep it with care and clean properly it lasts longer.

Pur steam and Rowenta Access Steam Iron are the better choices for sewers and quilters.