Best Small Travel Iron: For Your Backpack

Travel iron is an important item, you have to keep with you while traveling. As it helps to make your clothes creases fee and enhance the beauty of your dress. Beautiful clothes make your look more elegant.

If you are an avid traveler? Or dream to explore the beautiful places of the world. On the other hand, if your job requires traveling more to different destinations other than your hometown. One of the main basic requirements is pressed clothes. If you get your clothes ironed from a laundry service it requires a cost that increases your expenses. However, bearing a one-time cost is better than paying again and again. So, buy the best travel iron and move freely around the world with well-pressed creases-free clothes.   

We do detailed research by taking different travel steam iron for clothes and getting reviews from our customers about different travel irons. To sum up, we recommended the best portable steam iron, which is compact, lightweight, and steams fast.

Moreover, we give priority to that best travel iron which easily fits in your luggage and best companion for your clothes during your journey. 

Our Top Picks

After going through all details of our selected top travel irons, choose the best one that suits you.

  • Best Small Travel Iron: BEAUTURAL Mini Travel Steam Iron
  • Compact Travel Iron: Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot
  • Dual Voltage Steam Iron: Invasion Small Mini Iron
  • Best Lightweight Steam Iron: SMAGREHO Mini Travel Dream Iron
  • Portable travel iron: Conair EZ Press Handheld Steam Iron
  • Best Travel Steam Iron for Quilting: Oliso M2 Mini Project iron  
  • Folding travel iron: Rowenta DA 1560 Travel- Stainless steel

7 Best Mini Travel Iron Reviews:

1. BEAUTURAL Mini Travel Steam Iron

Best Small Travel Iron

Small unique iron with a weight of 1 pound, its performance is just astonishing, and one of the leading irons for travelers. Beautural mini just heats up in 35 seconds and has options for temperature settings according to various fabric types. Moreover, it has a dual voltage of 110 and 230 volts, which you choose according to your needs. It works perfectly fine with a watt power of 400 to remove wrinkles. It has a long cord of 7.5 feet.

Furthermore, it comes with a silicon pad. Its small size and tiny non-stick soleplate make it best for ironing shirts and collars to cover small inside places, after using this you realize this cheap travel iron is the best choice for pressing,, applique work, sewing and patch work too.

In addition, it works with steam as well as without steam also, if you want it as dry iron it’s totally on your choice. 

Additional Specifications:

Water Capacity14 ounce
Wattage420 W
Weight1 pound
Heating time15 sec.
Warranty2 years
Cord length7.5 feet
beautural mini travel steam iron
  • Less weight
  • Heat up quickly
  • Use steam as well as dry iron
  • Some people are not comfortable with the shape

2. Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot

Compact Travel Iron

Beautiful small compact iron with a just weight of 1 pound, provides the heat strength of 800 watt power which is very helpful to remove creases very finely and quickly. Furthermore, dual voltage with a shot of steam feature makes it more amazing, deep penetration of steam helps to remove creases. Hence, one of the demanding products in the market.

Moreover, it can be used with an iron variety of fabrics as different steam settings, and a light indicator is present that lets you know about the iron getting hot. One main quite a great feature of sunbeam iron is it has a compact smooth non-stick soleplate, lightweight travel iron, and its simple design makes it easy for you to use the iron left or right-handed whichever is convenient for you.

Additional Specifications:

Item weight1 pound
VoltageDual (120V & 240V)
Wattage800 watt
Heating Time2 min.
Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot
  • Dual voltage settings with different temperatures.
  • Less price.
  • Steam shots.
  • Some users complain about rusting.

3. Invasion Small Mini Iron

Dual Voltage Steam Iron

Dual Voltage Steam Iron

Your search for the perfect travel iron is over. Small Mini Iron’s with dual voltage compact design, great for travel – non-stick soleplate, 1-touch steam control, and variable voltage are just a few of the features that make this little iron so great for those who travel frequently.

Moreover, the mini Iron has an innovative anti-drip feature to prevent harmful skin burns and frustrating water stains. This small but mighty iron weighs in at only 1 pound and has an extra-long power cord for ease of use while traveling or at home.

Furthermore, it has 3 heat power levels and heats up so quickly that is just in 15 seconds because of the quick-hit technology feature. Best used for craft and sewing projects, you can use this iron both ways either dry or steam. Hence, not to go on its small size, it’s having a lot of great features.

Our team of researchers gets astonished with its amazing results and falls in love with this mini iron after just one use.

Additional Specifications:

Weight1.08 pounds
Cord length7.5 feet
VoltageSet using voltage selector
Wattage 42 watts
Heating Time 15 sec.
Invasion Small Mini Iron
  • Can be used as dry as well as steam ironing.
  • Cord length is extraordinarily long.
  • It is best for patchwork, pressing seams, and crafting also.
  • Need extra care for long-term use, as it is a bit sensitive.

4. SMAGREHO Mini Travel Dream Iron

Best Light Weight steam Iron

Looking for a handheld iron that travels well? SMAGREHO’s Mini Travel Steam Iron is perfect for your needs. Boasting a powerful 1.4-ounce water tank and has adjustable temperature settings, this lightweight, compact iron heats up quickly.

Furthermore, its dry and steam ironing easily removes wrinkles from any fabric type – making you look more charming on the go! Plus, it includes dual voltage so you can take it with you wherever you go in the world.

And to top it all off, it’s equipped with a travel bag, plastic measuring cup, and protective mesh making usage and transport a breeze. Peripherally, it’s not only lightweight and portable but also effective in its functioning.

Additional Specifications:

Weight1.15 pounds
Cord length 7.5 feet
Voltage 100-127V/ 220-240V
Wattage260-420W/ 343-408W
Heating Time15 sec
SMAGREHO Mini Travel Dream Iron
  • Can be used for any type of fabric, easily remove wrinkles.
  • Provide a warranty of one year and lifetime customer support.
  • Its compact design with high functionality is commendable.
  • May require a converter or adapter for use in different countries.
  • It stops steaming in an upright position, so it cannot press clothes on a hanger.

5. Conair EZ Press Handheld Steam Iron

Portable travel iron

Looking for a handheld iron that can handle tough wrinkles? Look no further than the Conair EZ Press 800 Watt Handheld Steam Iron.

Most importantly, with its variable steam feature and steam burst, this little powerhouse is perfect for removing stubborn wrinkles from your clothes. Plus, it comes with a stainless steel soleplate for a smooth glide, an anti-slip heel for safety, and dual voltage for international travel.

Moreover, both dry and steam setting options for the user and its less weight and portability with extra-long cord make it more popular among travelers. It is the best travel clothes iron. So why wait? Grab your EZ Press handheld iron today!

Additional Specifications:

Weight1 pound
Cord length8 foot
Conair EZ Press Handheld Steam Iron- Portable travel iron

6. Oliso M2 Mini Project iron  

Best Travel Steam Iron for Quilting and crafting

The best travel Iron is perfect for taking while traveling. The Oliso M2 Mini Project Steam Iron with Sole mate combines the power of a full-sized iron with an ergonomic compact and lightweight design that is perfect for travel or use next to your sewing machine. At only 4 pounds, it’s easy to move around. 

In addition, the diamond-coated ceramic soleplate glides effortlessly over delicate fabrics, while the accurate temperature control ensures that all fabrics are treated evenly. Moreover, Its precision tip helps to iron hard-to-reach areas of clothes like collars, pockets, cuffs, and fabric in-between areas.

Furthermore, with 1000 WATTS OF POWER, this steam iron has all the power you need to tackle any project at home or on the go. The mini-project iron is perfect for crafters who need an iron on the go. Its small size and high-temperature silicone stand to make it ideal for quilting and sewing.

Above all, dual voltage makes it ideal for international travel while the 8 foot long 180° pivot makes it amazing.

Additional Specifications:

Weight2.2 pounds
Cord length 8 foot
Voltage Dual Voltage
Wattage1000 watts
Heating Time45 sec
Oliso M2 Mini Project iron- Best Travel Steam Iron for crafting and sewing
  • Non-stick ceramic soleplate with precision tip.
  • Temperature control selector for different fabrics with even heat distribution.
  • 3-Year warranty.
  • It packs easily with its resting plate.
  • No, auto-switch off, so need extra care after use to switch off.
  • While keeping the mini-iron on the silicon pad make sure that the temperature is not on a high setting, because it may cause a burning impression on the solemate.

7. Rowenta DA 1560 Travel- Stainless steel

Folding travel iron

Rowenta DA 1560 is the perfect compact steam iron for worry-free travel! This high-performance, quality steam iron offers all the features you need for traditional ironing tasks, including a sleek ergonomic design, comfortable use.

This top-of-the-line, 1000 watt iron is perfect for taking on the go. The 2-ounce transparent water tank, so you can easily see how much water is left. Furthermore, its dual voltage makes it perfect for travel anywhere in the world, and the handle folds flat for easy storage.

Folding travel iron

In addition, its micro steam stainless steel soleplate ensures a smooth glide and quick heat-up time. For the safety and longevity of the soleplate, ZD 100 non-toxic stainless steel soleplate cleaning kit can be used to clean and remove clogs, and detergent buildup.

Furthermore, 1000 watts of power ensures quick and efficient heating, while dual voltage makes it usable anywhere in the world. In addition, its size and handle that folds flat for storage make it easy to take on the go, while a travel pouch provides added protection.

Additional Specifications:

Weight1.5 pounds
VoltageDual Voltage
Wattage1000 watts
Heating Time45 sec
steam optionsBoth Vertical & horizontal.
Rowenta DA 1560
  • Micro-steam soleplate with 200 holes distributes steam all over the cloth.
  • One of the unique features is a folding handle which is very helpful for travelers for storage.
  • Can do vertical ironing as it produces steam in vertical position too.
  • A travel pouch is given with iron for the storage of iron safely.
  • The small water tank capacity is only an ounce.
  • No, auto-shutoff feature.

Buying Guide for best travel steam iron

There we describe in detail some key features which an avid traveler must keep in mind before buying the best travel steam iron, A good analysis before buying is necessary because you don’t want a couple of bucks in your pocket to buy a low-quality iron which will have problems after a couple of uses.

One must keep in mind about few important things such as Wattage, Power, Water Capacity, Temperature setting range, Portability, Dual Voltage, and Extra Features.

1. Wattage /Power:

It is one of the most important factors in an iron box, higher wattage means it consumes more energy and heats up faster, you can use it continuously with no time gaps between different clothes which will give you a better result in lesser time. Lower wattage is preferred when space is your top priority because it will consume less energy and heat up slowly to maintain the temperature which can take more time to iron.

So, be sure about how many clothes are there in your suitcase before buying an ultra-lightweight travel iron.

2. Water Capacity:

Water capacity not only increases the weight but higher water capacity is also preferred when you are looking forward to ironing clothes for a larger family or you have kids who are involved in activities that cause a lot of dirt on their clothes.

water tank capacity of iron

If your priority is portability and wants to take iron for traveling then lower water capacity might be a better choice. Because for travel you keep fewer clothes mostly for need and prefer less weight so if a water tank of the iron is large weight also increases. A better choice is to keep wrinkle release spray which is very helpful for removing stubborn creases. With less weight, you can get your problem solved easily.

You can check the best wrinkle release spray reviews and buy the best one for you according to your clothes material.

3. Temperature Setting Range:

Temperature selector according to fabric

It is one of the most imperative features to look for because using an iron with less than 100°C will result in difficulty in moving creases and using it at higher temperatures might burn your cloth. The temperature setting range helps you to control the heat according to the fabric type, so before buying be sure about which fabrics are there in your luggage.

Prefer the iron which has versatility in temperature settings because more range will help you set heat according to fabric type. Better to choose the iron having both dry iron and steam iron option.

4. Portability:

One of the prime factors of traveling is to be on a go with minimum baggage, Higher the weight of iron, the more difficult it will be to carry, Some companies which are known for their travel irons make them ultra-lightweight with low water capacity and lower wattage like Steam fast, Sunbeam, Oliso, and Rowenta. So, choose wisely according to your priority and luggage weight limit.

5. Dual Voltage:

The voltage output of other countries may be different from your home country. So, choose an iron with a dual voltage feature that will help you to use it in different countries by adjusting the wattage and voltage. Like the US and Canada have 110V power supply whereas 220V is the common voltage range in other countries.

Some extra features added, like an anti-slip handle, powerful steam, and long cord are retreats that are appreciated for comfort and ease of ironing while traveling. Some good companies keep looking upon these features too. Like Rowenta, sunbeam and oliso have these features.

Finally, now you are well aware of the features to look for in a travel iron, Make sure that you choose according to your needs and priorities to save your time and energy.

Hope you liked our article about buying guide for the best travel iron, if you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to comment below, we will reply as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, voltage is really important to look at because the voltage power of that country may be different than your home country to which you are planning to travel. So, prefer the iron which is having a dual voltage feature.

After thorough research, we found that Oliso Smart Iron TG1600 is the best travel steam iron for clothes, it has all the latest technology and features that an ultra-light travel iron should have.

Yes, you can use a travel iron if you have no, room or proper space for ironing and you have less laundry to press depending on your family size. Travel iron is small and can be stored in less space easily. You can check the steam iron choices for regular use at home.