How to Iron Clothes Without an Iron

Ironing clothes without an iron. Yes, you read it right: you can iron clothes even if you do not have an iron on the spot or your iron stops working. When there is no latest inventions of irons and steamers, at that time even people uses different ways to de-wrinkle their clothes. Now we have many different ways and ideas by which we can remove creases.

Sometimes, some electricity issue may be at home and you want to go in a hurry somewhere wants an ironed shirt.  We put down some creative amazing ideas to make your life stress-free.

Most importantly, we say you should have a proper solution for your clothes when you are at home and not face any panic situations related to electricity or irons working. For that our team covers the amazing top steam irons and the latest steamers, which make your work easy and charismatic.

Different Ways to De-wrinkle your Clothes Without an Iron

Wrinkle Release Spray

Wrinkles can be removed in many ways but keeping a special spray to remove wrinkles with you while traveling or at home is also a good idea. As wrinkle release spray softens the fabric and removes wrinkles. Moreover, it’s good for cotton fabric and stubborn creases too. As, when you use spray and iron your clothes, it results in less effort and better results.

wrinkle release spray
wrinkle release spray

Hang your dress or place it on a flat surface. Spray the clothes, especially the part where you want to remove creases, and then gently pull the garment to flatten the wrinkles. Let the dress dry, and then it’s ready to wear.

Iron Clothes with Hair Dryer

I am super happy that I know this amazing hack, that clothes can be ironed from a hair dryer. I used this mostly for my delicate and embellished clothes. Because it’s super easy to iron clothes from a hair dryer. Simply spray the water from a separate spray bottle or use wrinkle release spray. After that, dry the cloth with a hair dryer, and the gap should be two inches between a dress and a dryer. You will be surprised by seeing how easily creases vanish from delicate fabric without any hustle.

iron cloth with hair dryer
iron clothe without an iron

Ironing by Using Flat Iron

A flat iron is not only used for hair straightening but you can also use it for ironing cuffs, collars, and edges of your dress.  As it gets heated from both sides, so remove the creases very finely but only you keep care, that uses it at low or medium heat.

flat iron
iron cloth without an iron

Garment Steamer

A great invention in ironing is the garment steamer and with time many different types of steamers are introduced into the market. Hence, ironing with a steamer is no, more a boring task. 

You don’t need an ironing board if you use a steamer for de-wrinkling clothes. Just hang your dress somewhere and start steaming. New handheld steamers are amazing, as they are lightweight and can be kept in a small place after use.

Upright-right steamers are also a great choice for those having proper space to keep on and a large pile of laundry to iron. We check and select the top steamers in the market, you can check further detailed features here.

iron clothes with steamer

Ironing Clothes without Electricity

(Un-wrinkles clothes from kettle or Pot)

A great trick that I learned from my friend one she came to work and wear a creases-free dress. She said today we have an electric issue at home but I iron my clothes, guess how to iron clothes without electricity? It was surprising for me when I came to know that she ironed her clothes from a pot.

Make sure that the pot or kettle which you use for ironing should be clean. Take a metal pot and fill it with water. When the water starts boiling drain the water in the sink and start ironing your cloth with that hot kettle. And wear a crease-free dress and surprise others with this hack.

iron cloth without iron, iron using pot

Remove wrinkle in the dryer

Put some ice cubes or sprinkles clothes with water and put them in the dryer. When you run it at high speed for a few minutes, the ice cubes melt and release steam which de-wrinkle the creases from the clothes. After that take them out and spread or hang them for drying, immediately. Not let them in the dryer for a long time or keep them in the laundry basket, as they get the wrinkles again.

iron with dryer

Remove wrinkles by rolling the dress

When you want to travel or keep clothes in the cupboard. Roll them instead of folding them. By folding they get more wrinkles.

remove wrinkles y rolling

Wrinkles removal by putting weight

Put some heavy straight material on the flattened dress, especially where you want to remove wrinkles. Press down on it for approximately 10 seconds. It helps to lighten or remove the wrinkle.


You can remove the creases or lighten them by using the above methods. As they are tried and tested. But this only help when you have some problem with electricity or you want some other way out. However, these methods only de-wrinkle the clothes but give a crisp professional look.

As latest steam irons with great steam output and steam shots are the perfect choice to keep at home to give a professional look to your dress. Now the industry with each coming day brings the latest invention which is hassle-free and makes the ironing task easy. So, check the best steam irons and keep them at home or you can check the best travel irons if you want lightweight irons for a traveling perspective.