13 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews (July 2024)

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 Are you confused while spending your hard-earned money on buying the best steam generator iron? By all means, our dedicated testing team is here to guide you in finding the optimal choice. We have reviewed a selection of top steam generator irons from renowned brands like Panasonic, Rowenta, Singer, Black Decker, Philips, and Tefal, evaluating their performance to match your requirements. Criteria such as temperature precision, water tank capacity, durability, and user-friendliness are thoroughly considered in our assessments.

Understanding the significance of a polished appearance, especially in today’s world where first impressions matter greatly, we recognize the important role ironing plays in enhancing your attire. While ironing may seem like a chore, the right steam generator iron can revolutionize your experience. These superior appliances boast ease of operation, cost-effectiveness, and expedited pressing capabilities. With higher steam output, tackling a pile of laundry becomes a breeze.

our comprehensive reviews of best irons are dignified to elevate your ironing experience to new heights.

Our Top Picks

One of the key points to keep in mind is that the price of iron does not determine the quality. So, before buying the best steam iron, a little analysis of specifications is necessary. In brief, take a look at the Top Picks we selected, and you can easily decide which one will be more economical and helpful for you to go with:


Morphy Jet Steam Generator Iron
  • Ironing time is approx. 1 hour
  • Releases 100 g of steam
  • Hardwearing stainless steel soleplate
  • Incomparable anti-scale function

Tefal 2023
Tefal Express SV8155G0
  • Smart technology 
  • An eco-friendly iron that kills germs while ironing
  •  removable scale collector
  • auto-off safety feature, carry lock, vertical steaming

Rowenta Pro Steam Station
  • High-pressure steam
  • Micro-steam technology
  • Anti-scratch laser technology 
  • Patented calcium collector that collects lime scales

Why Buy a Steam Generator Iron over a Standard Steam Iron?

Steam irons and steam generator irons are two different machines, both of them perform the same function, but there is a big difference between the performances. Which one is a better choice? It all depends on your needs. After all, if you want in-depth analysis you can check the comparison between simple steams vs. steam generator iron.

We recommend choosing the iron according to your needs. Tailor your selection to suit your unique requirements. If you find yourself contending with extensive piles of laundry and crave efficiency, investing in a steam generator iron is the way to go. While these may come at a higher price point compared to traditional steam irons, their double output and professional-grade performance justify the investment in the long run. As compared to steamers and steam iron.

So, before making a decision, consider the following pros and cons.

  • Quick performance, can do more work in less time
  • Steam pressure is much higher
  • Water tank capacity is large so, less filling is required
  • The latest and more steam boost function is also helpful in removing stubborn creases
  • Vertical ironing can also be done
  • More expensive
  • Warm-up time is more, 2-3 ,minutes
  • The base unit is considerably large
  • It may require a specialized ironing board
  • The noise produce while producing steam is more, but this issue fixes in some of the latest irons

13 Top Steam Generator IronsHigh-Pressure Irons

“We round up the best steam generator irons in the market.”

1. Morphy Richards 332017 Steam Generator

Best buy steam generator iron

Our team found the Morphy Richards 332017 Power Steam Elite is a standout performer in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and user-friendliness. Notably, it effortlessly tackles tough wrinkles on cotton and linen while smoothly gliding through these fabrics. The inclusion of a safety switch adds an extra layer of reassurance, particularly for households with children.

Despite its lightweight design, which may initially seem cheap, it proves to be a reliable performer with a reasonable price point.

Boasting a sizable 2.2-liter water tank capacity, it ensures prolonged usage without the hassle of frequent refills. While it may be slightly bulky, it’s a worthwhile investment for those with sufficient ironing space.

The Intelli-Temp function guarantees safe and swift ironing for various fabrics, including delicate wool and silk. Additionally, its impressive pressure and turbo features make steaming clothes on hangers effortless, effectively eliminating creases. Overall, its numerous benefits make it a must-have appliance for any household.

Key Specifications:

ColorWhite and Blue
Tank Capacity2.21 liters
Continuous steam output120g
Steam boost300g
Steam pressure5 bar
Morphy Richard steam generator iron

2.Tefal Express Vision Steam Generator

High-Pressure Steam Generator Iron

Our latest experiment and research bring one new steam generator iron model of 2023 review to make your ironing chore easier. Are you searching for some latest technology and in search of the perfect high-pressure iron for exceptional results then Tefal Express SV8155G0 is one of the best choices for you. It has smart technology that provides the optimal combination of steam and temperature for all fabrics. You have the option of switching your iron from denim to delicate for soft fabric, which prevents the cloth from burning.

Moreover, one of the incredible features is that it has a removable scale collector, which directly captures the scale particles from the water tank. It helps maintain the steam power for smooth crease removal.

 Furthermore, a 1.8-liter water tank, 1.7-meter cord, auto-off safety feature, carry lock, vertical steaming, and an eco-friendly iron that kill germs while ironing is quite some remarkable features that add value to Tefal Express. So, wait for what check the price and enjoy ironing with the latest product in the market.

Key Specifications:

Colorwhite and blue
Weight4.2 kg
Power2800 watts
Steam Boost500 g
Water Tank Capacity1.8 liters
Cord length1.7 m
  • Gets heat up quickly
  • Steam from Tefal is clean and constant, saves energy upto 30%
  • The water tank comes out for refilling
  • Auto-off and eco-friendly
  • It is quite heavy but its benefits are much more, that we can ignore the heft

3.Bosch Steam Station 2400W TDS6030

 Best Economical high-pressure iron

Bosch Steam Iron Station TDS6030 is budget-friendly with the best performance for both professional and home use. On the other hand, it’s lightweight and quick heat-up and it has an energy-saving setting so saves up to 20% of energy. However, the scratch-resilient and durable soleplate helps to smooth ironing, and the weight of the iron is lighter than usual.

In particular, 2400W power generated steam in 60 seconds to grab your ironing stack much more quickly. Further, the steam shot function is easy and simple to use, and the 1.3-liter water space for the tank, which refills quickly because of the large filler hole, is a breeze to fill and empty. Above all, it has a high-pressure pump of 5.7 bar, continuous steam of 120g/min, and an ultra-powerful 370g steam boost for super-heated ironing.

The auto shut-off function works after 5 minutes of inactivity, which is very good from a safety perspective.

Key Specifications:

ColorWhite and Purple
Weight4.8 kg
Tank Capacity1.3 liters
Continuous steam output120g
Steam boost370g
Steam pressure5.7 bar
What we like
  • The handle has perfectly sized and a medium sized grip
  • Glides over the fabric well and produces good steam
  • It has an anti-calcium reminder that reminds you when there is a need to clean the iron.
We don’t like
  • Cord is tiny, could be a bit long

4. Rowenta DG8624U1 Perfect Pro Station

Best for wrinkle removal

Rowenta silence offers 7.4 bars of high-pressure steam, which saves up to 35% more time and iron quickly. Additionally, 430 g/min of steam shots for thick fabric and tough creases. Being extra powerful produces more actual steam, so it rarely needs to go over both sides of cloth, sheet, or garment, and this power removes creases more effectively.

 The bulky-looking design is partway because this iron gives you more control over the heat and steam output than other irons do these days. Although the water reservoir is not too large, it is easier to refill than many steam irons make up for this.

This iron has a great feature of micro-steam technology. In addition, the hot plate on the iron is perforated with 400 micro-holes rather than a dozen or so larger ones, which seems to give a more evenly spread steam output and might also help make the iron a bit quieter. As well as, it has a patented calcium collector that collects lime scales that you can unscrew to clean when the light goes on. Moreover, Rowenta has anti-scratch laser technology so long-lasting performance and exceptional ironing glide.

Furthermore, have a safety lock to keep it in place, useful for storage and transportation.

Key Specifications:

Weight15.2 ounces
Tank Capacity1.09 liters
Continuous steam output80g/min
Steam boost430g/min
Rowenta Perfect Pro steam station
What we like
  • Extremely silent yet powerful and its quietness being one of the matchless selling feature of this machine
  • It cuts your ironing time down, is quick & easy to use
  • An outlined tip that makes access easy to hard-to-reach points or areas
We don’t like
  • Water tank it contains is significantly smaller
  • The iron component of this steam generator is a bit larger

5. Philips Perfect Care Elite GC9635 Steam Generator

Best Professional steam generator iron

When you have to do a pile of ironing, you feel lucky to have a steam generator that can tackle both heavy and delicate fabrics devoid of fear of damaging your attire. Indeed, Philips Perfect Care Elite GC9635 is a perfect choice. However, it’s a bit expensive, but the durability and the result you get from this steam generator make you super happy. Hence, it saves your time and works steadfastly. Moreover, its exceptional steam generator power is best if you have a large pile of clothes for ironing and best for professional use.

Some of it quite amazing features you get from it are 2700w power, with 7.5 bar steam pressure,  155 g/min constant steam with steam shots of 520 g/min., T-ionic Glide Soleplate gives a smooth glide which helps to save time and requires less effort. 1.8 liter capacity of a water tank, which provides you quite a good time-span of ironing with no hassle of refilling again and again. Mostly, users are very happy with this new steam generator iron on the market.

Key Specifications:

ColorBlue & white
Weight5100 g
Tank Capacity1.8 L
Continuous steam output 155g/min.
Philips steam generator iron
What we like
  • Aesthetically enthralling design
  • Equiped with latest technology and high pressure, which provide miraculous results
  • Very hot and operational in removing wrinkles
We don’t like
  • Expensive, but results you get makes you super happy

6. Morphy Richards Jet Steam Generator Iron 333020

Best Pressure Iron

 Morphy Jet steam generator is the unique choice for quick stubborn crease removal. If you want the latest high-pressure iron that works for professional as well as home daily use, this is an incredible option. It releases 100 g of steam which penetrates inside the clothes and removes wrinkles by softening the fabric. Moreover, it works perfectly for heavy fabrics like linen, denim, and leather.   

Furthermore, its hardwearing stainless steel soleplate with high pressure makes your work smoother, easier, and quicker. As it gets heated in less than 2 minutes, and has a special water spray button for adding more moisture to your clothes for more smooth and fine results. Further, its soft-grip handle, makes it our favorite choice.

It has an incomparable anti-scale function and collects calcium automatically, and it has replaceable anti-scale cartridges. So, it is the best iron for hard water areas. Lastly, we say for long-term optimal results you have to do descaling when needed. Some user uses it for a long and it is working great.


Key Specifications:

Ironing Time60 minutes
Weight3.75 kg
Tank Capacity1 liter
Temperature Controlmanual
Cord length1.8 m
Anti-scale functionYes, special anti-scale cartridge
What we like
  • It is very economical at such a less price this is a treat for you.
  • Water spray button for handling tough creases.
  • Lime-scale protection
  • Amazing stainless steel soleplate
We don’t like
  • Bit heavy weight

7. Reliable 3000IS/5000IS Steam Ironing System :

Professional steam ironing system & Best iron for quilting

If you are a professional costume maker or a hobby, do quilting or sewing, and are in search of a perfect ironing choice. After all, a reliable 3000IS steam ironing system is advisable as you need a powerful and high steam output for crease removal for smooth and delicate work.

As it has a special boiler made of high-quality stainless steel. This iron generates three times more steam than the usual steam generator and 3.5 g of pressure/min. Most importantly, a Reliable ironing system saves your time and gets work done fastest and most efficiently.

Furthermore, it has 4 safety systems, a safety thermostat on the heating element, a safety cap with a safety valve, and a low water indicator. Another great function you get from this iron is thermostat control. It works for constantly two hours with one time filling of the water tank so, the time-saver gives you more ironing time in one go.

The best steam generator iron for professional use and every type of fabric, quilting, sewing, and for a large pile of clothes. We are in love with this iron because a one-time cost makes your life and business easy in the long term.

Tank Capacity2.5 L
Steam pressure3.5 bar
Weight18.5 Pound
Heat up time10-15 minutes
Reliable 5000IS ironing Station
What we like
  • High steam output
  • Water in the boiler lasts a long time
  • Temperature control
  • Best comfy cork handle, lightweight
We don’t like
  • No water bench mark, some users report problem with boiler

8. Philips Perfect Care Elite plus GC9650/80

Joint winner best steam generator iron

Philips Perfect Care Elite best steam generator iron

A perfect choice, enjoy ironing with this joint winner. Philips Perfect Care has Optimal TEMP technology so, no worries about burns, and no temperature setting is required. Additionally, Coupled with a Dynam LQ sensor that identifies the movement of iron and regulates steam production automatically. Explicitly, a T-ionic Glide soleplate efficiently removes the creases, has less weight, and is easy to move and work. Therefore, I brought this iron for personal home use as ironing is the least pleasurable for me, but after using this system, my ironing gets easier.

Furthermore, it has powerful 150 g/min constant steam and 500 g steam enhancement for faster deep crease elimination on enormous piles. In addition, you have the option of a more robust model GC9690/86, which produces 170 g/min constant steam with 700 g steam escalation, and 8 bar pressure if you want for ironing much thicker stuff.

Despite being a steam generator, this model heats up in just two minutes, quicker than many others, while still delivering powerful yet quiet steam performance. Say goodbye to tedious ironing sessions with this efficient and effective solution.

You can check Philips GC8735/80 Perfect Care Performer Steam Generator Iron. It has almost the same features, is sleeker, and gives the best results.

Philips perfect care steam generator iron

Key Specifications:

ColorGolden and Black
Weight 5100g
Tank Capacity1.8 liters
Continuous steam output165g
Steam boost600g
Steam pressure8 bar
What we like
  • Cord storage space is available
  • Great Crease removal result for every type of cloth
  • Gloves for safety are present for vertical ironing
  • The appliance switches off automatically if not use for 10 minutes after entering the standby mode
We don’t like
  • Bit bulky and heavier than other irons
  • Expensive than other simple irons

9. Panasonic NI-WL 600 Cordless

Compact steam iron

Finally, the hassle of tangled, twisted power cords gets finished forever with the Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless. Furthermore, Having multiple choices of steam, heat, and dry settings, you can adjust according to your needs. It contains a double-tipped stainless steel soleplate, which helps to move effortlessly on the cloth without wrinkling. In addition, it is best for hanging curtains and garments, the shove of a button applies a powerful eruption of vertical steam to remove unsightly creases.

A lightweight and durable water tank easily separates with the help of a button. You can easily refill the water tank by taking it to the sink instead of taking the whole iron. No, worries even if you forget to switch it off after ironing because the base automatically switches off after ten minutes—Relish hassle-free pressing with Panasonic cordless iron.

Key Specifications:

Item Weight4.4 pounds
Water Capacity4 ounces
StyleCurved cordless Iron
''Panasonic NI-WL 600 Cordless''
What we like
  • Easy locking and unlocking domed cover with handle
  • Cordless
We don’t like
  • Auto-shut off quickly

10. Russell Hobbs 24440

     Best-pressure steam iron

The Russell Hobbs Steam Power 100 powers eradicate creases quickly. Overall, 4.5 bar pressure works well for a large pile of ironing, Ideal for wrinkle removal, even for thick fabric. In addition, 3 Steam setting options are available which you can adjust according to your needs and fabric. When there is a need to refill more water, the light of the control panel gets on to alert you, so you can separate the tank and fill and start ironing again instead of waiting to cool down and then refilling.

Moreover, this steam generator iron has an easy-to-keep boiler system which liberates you of the cost of changing anti-scale filters. It has two carry handles so that it can move effortlessly according to the need. 

Key Specifications:

Steam Pressure4.5 bar
Steam Output100 g
''Russell Hobbs 24440 steam generator iron''
What we like
  • Auto-shutoff functioning
  • The temperature is modifiable using the control dial
  • You have the option to dry or steam iron
  • Simple cleaning structure
  • Lime-scale Resistance System
We don’t like
  • After finish, the ironing, placing the iron on the generator base can be tricky as it has only four small plastic clips to balance

11. 125IS Maven Steam Iron

Best steam generator iron for sewing

The Maven 125IS is a new generation of iron stations with a great ergonomic design. As, well equipped with a 1500w power ironing station with easy glide ceramic soleplate, a removable water tank with 1-liter capacity and digital display, iron lock for easy carry, auto shut-off for safety, and fast heat-up technology.  

Further, it provides an anti-scale cartridge that can be changed as needed. It has a pro detail tip which is helpful to iron hard-to-reach small spaces, like the areas between areas and buttons. So, it’s best for sewing projects too

Reliable 125IS Maven Steam Iron
What we like
  • Lightweight handheld part
  • Best for Professional use
  • Appropriate cork handle
We don’t like
  • Heavy tank
  • The water gauge is not visible, but a low water light indicator function is present

12. J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer

Best for safety

Garment steam generators are heavy on a bank account, but the one-time cost is worthwhile because, after this jiffy garment steamer, you start ironing your clothes as a hobby instead of feeling it as a home chore. It is best for light professional use too, as can be seen, it heats up quickly in two minutes and works continuously for 1.5 hours per tank filling. Moreover, the hose is quite long, approximately 5.5 foots so it can easily press in a vertical position. Automatic shut-off when not in use, so best from a safety perspective also.

One of the great news is that it is made in the USA and has an extended warranty period of 3 years. Overall, it is excellent for wrinkle removal from clothing, bedspreads, tablecloths, and other delicate materials. At the same time, with a Jiffy steamer, a temperature setting is not a prerequisite like on other irons. 

Key Specifications:

Ironing Time1.5 hour per filling
Weight16.8 Pound
Heat up time2 minutes
Warranty3 years
Included ComponentsRod set, Steamer base, Steam head and hose
''Jiffy Garment Steamer J-2000''

13. Rowenta QR1410 IXEO

Pro Steam Iron

After selection of the steam generator iron next task is to find a good steam iron board or table, but Rowenta all in one iron solves this problem and gives all items in the steamer, iron, and ironing board. With this, you can iron clothes in a vertical position too by hanging them on the hanger. Its height is adjustable. Further, its turbo steam technology works great for wrinkles removal for all types of clothes and works well for curtains. It can be easily movable from one place to another because it has built-in tries and we can adjust the height according to our needs.

Specifically, one of the surprisingly great features this iron contains is sanitization so, its powerful steam kills the 99.9% of bacteria that cause odor in fabric.

Key Specifications:

ColorBlack or White
Tank Capacity1 L
Steam Pressure5 bar
Weight36.6 Pounds
Power1500 watts

What we like
  • 3-position ironing facility that is horizontal, vertical
  • Sanitizes bacteria
  • Have hanger and ironing-board
We don’t like
  • No, auto shut-off function, no control over steam

What are the features necessary to consider before buying a steam generator iron? 

They have a separate large water tank filled with water, which generates steam pressure. More importantly, these irons have a pump too, which produces strong steam and removes creases easily and quickly. If you are moving from conventional steam iron to steam-generating iron, the factors mentioned below are necessary to keep in mind before buying. Certainly, these tips and factors help you to make a wise decision according to your needs. If you want iron for home use for less price you can check the best cheap irons.

Tank Capacity:

''Water tank of steam generator iron''

Water filling capacity depends on the tank size. The greater the tank size, the more water-filling capacity it has, so the more ironing you can do in one go. Moreover, go for the detachable water tank, making it easier for you to fill the tank. We have given the review of the best irons below for your selection according to need, the tank capacity ranging from 1.4 liters to 2.5 liters.

Design and Weight:

 We have suggested that the irons mostly have less weight because your arm will start aching if you plan to iron for long. Furthermore, the steam hose and cord length should be enough to move the iron on the cloth without ripping quickly. The steam generator consists of two parts: first, iron, and second, the base unit (tank). However, the added piece or tank can be bulkier, which is annoying. So, choose the iron according to your requirement of movement from one place to another. steam generator iron may require a specialized ironing board.

Steam Pressure:

The more the steam pressure, the irons work more effectively to remove the stubborn creases. Whereas the steam output of more than 50 grams/minute is considered good, but it depends on the cloth type. If you want to use it for your clothes, you can go with a bit less, but for curtains, bedsheets and thick stuff your choice should be according to that. However, we have given reviews of the iron pressure ranging from 100 grams to 200 grams per minute. So, choose according to your use. Moreover, if you want to use it from a professional perspective, choose the iron with more steam pressure production per minute.

Steam Shots:

''Steam shot of best steam generator iron''

Bar pressure is another factor to check while buying steam generator iron because if your work is to deal with thicker stuff, curtains, mattresses, and bedsheets, buy the product that produces more powerful steam shots. So, we have reviewed the products that produce more powerful steam shots and make your workload lighter with easy removal of stubborn creases.

Anti-calcium and Anti-scale Features: 

''Anti- calcium function of steam generator iron''

Modern steam generators have anti-calcium and anti-scale features, ultimately upsurging the life of the iron as anti-scale components provide protection against minerals clogging and ensure that calcium deposits can vanish quickly and easily. Indeed, this feature is a boon for those who are living in hardwater areas. There are different ways, by which we can clean iron and follow a manual guide to increase its efficiency and durability. 

Heating time:

If you have a large pile of clothes for ironing or want to buy iron for professional use, then go for higher wattage. As, more interval provides you with a higher heat-up time, and the steam generator iron gets hot in 1 minute.

Auto switch-off system:

If you accidentally leave the iron and get busy with some other task or forget to switch off the button in case of emergency or if the iron accidentally falls. Especially, it is advisable to take the iron with an auto switch-off system for your safety. In either case, this feature protects you from any damage and uneasiness. 

Moreover, you have to prefer the iron, which has a carry lock, so you shift or store the iron easily without the fear of falling.

''Stainless steel soleplate''

Stainless steel soleplate: 

Which soleplate choice is best for ironing? It directly contacts the fabric while ironing, so it is essential to prefer the stainless steel soleplate according to our experience because stainless steel provides smooth gliding over cloth, is durable, and can be cleaned easily. 

Descaling steam generator iron: some instructions

Nowadays, primarily steam generators come with anti-scale technology, but some may not as you listen, “Prevention is better than cure.” Always empty the water tank of your steam iron after use. Most importantly, descale every three months even if it is anti-scale steam iron; otherwise, lime deposited blocks the iron holes, which inhibits the flow of the steam iron. In this way, steam output remains robust, and your steam iron lasts longer. Additionally, follow the manufacturer guide given to you at the time of buying the product. If you want to de-scale your iron, here are some instructions you can follow:

  • Take a clean, soft microfiber e-cloth, dampen the cloth, and clean the slightly warm soleplate. Add a little toothpaste or vinegar to help to clean better. 
  • After that, mix water and white vinegar in equal quantities and add in the water reservoir to 1/3rd.
  • Turn on the iron and wait for 5-10 minutes until the solution has evaporated.
  • Now refill the fresh water and again turn on the iron and wait till the water evaporates.
  • In the end, clean the soleplate with a clean microfiber towel.
You can use a lime-scale remover solution too for the best result, pour the solution on a wet cloth, clean the plate, and after that, add 500ml of solution inside the steam generator tank, and switch on the iron until it heats up and generates steam. Refill the tank with fresh water and again wait to heat up and at the end wipe the iron with a clean cloth or towel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As steam generator irons have separate water tanks so, it’s better to buy an ironing board specially designed for them as they are heavier and need particular support. In addition, good padding and a steel body provide good support. However, such boards are expensive but a one-time investment for the long term not worth more than the easiness it creates.

In our opinion, the root cause; that steam generator iron is not heating up is deposits of lime-scale, minerals, or calcium inside the plate, which block the holes and stop producing steam. If this is the reason, then descaling would resolve the issue.

Manufacturers recommend that 50 percent of the distilled water and 50% of fresh tap water. 50/50 ratio works best; otherwise, only distilled water spits water on the cloth.

There are the different reason because of which water starts leaking. First, do not overfill the tank, second, get your iron heat up properly if the temperature is too low iron start to drip or leak, third maybe because of physical damage, lime-scale production. Check the issue and solve it accordingly.

Our Verdict

All irons perform the same function, but the quality, features, and price range are different. If you get exhausted with ironing, then steam iron generators are a wise investment for you. Finally, it helps get your work done rapidly and remove the suborn creases at a glance.

After considering the benefits and drawbacks of various steam generators, we’ve offered unbiased opinions based on our experience. So, which steam generator iron stands out as our favorite? Our top picks include the Philips Perfect Care Elite Plus GC9682, Morphy Richards 332017, and Rowenta Silence, each excelling in its own right. Additionally, we have introduced the Bosch Steam Station TDS6030 and the Maven 125IS, both proving to be exceptional performers. With these options, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and makes your life more convenient. Explore the details provided above to make an informed decision and streamline your ironing experience.

If you want something to take along with you while traveling check the best travel irons.

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