11 Top Rated steamers for Clothes 2024: We Tested

Comfort your life with Professional garment steamers

Clothes steamers are a great alternative to steam irons if you want to iron delicate and embellished clothes. You can do a great addition to your home by using the latest technology for making your ironing task stress-free. Moreover, if you are in a hurry and want to go in a blink with fresh iron clothes, no worries, buy the best steamer for clothes and your life becomes ecstasy.

Most importantly, one of the amazing features of a fabric steamer is that you can steam and freshen the look of anything you can think. Like, skirts, jackets, wool clothes, coats, silk, pillow covers, bed sheets, curtains, and drapers.

Our team did quite extensive research on the latest steamers in the market. As try them on different fabric materials and bring the best choices for you. So, you can enjoy ironing afterward.

Our Top Picks

jiffy steamer

J-2000 Jiffy steamer

 Best Garment Steamer 

  • Features:

    7.3 ounces Weight, 1875 watts of Power, 40 seconds Heat-up time, 5 Steam settings.

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 BLACK+DECKER Advanced Steamer 

Best Handheld Garment Steamer

  • Features:

    1400 Watts Power, 7.4Oz of Water Tank, 3 (Lint Frame, Delicate Fabric Frame, Upholstery Frame) Attachments, Continuous & Burst Steam Control.

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portable handheld steamer for clothes

Portable Handheld Clothes Steamer 

Best steamer for Clothes

  • Features:

    1300 watts Power, 2.57 pounds Weight, 15 seconds Heat-up time, 15 minutes Steam per filling

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coniar steamer

Conair –Turbo Extreme Steam Handheld Steamer 

Best Dual Heat Fabric Steamer

  • Features:

    1875 watts Power, 2.2 pounds Weight, 45 seconds Heat-up time, 15 minutes Steam per filling

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11 Best Handheld and Portable clothes steamer of 2023 (Mejor Vaporizador de Ropa)

1. Conair Turbo Extreme Fabric Steamer

Best portable steamer

Conair is one of the no. one brand selling garment steamers in the USA. One of the most amazing compact yet powerful clothes steamers which include a full package and an ironer required. You can think of doing anything relating to iron and pressing it’s a perfect choice for you. As it combines the performance of iron and steam it takes away the wrinkles in a blink with an amazing feature of germs and bed bugs killing.

3 ways ironing

Moreover, it takes just 40 seconds to heat up and is ready for use. It has enough water tank capacity so that you can iron for up to 20 minutes constantly in one go after refill. Further, you get 3in-1 attachments to the bristle brush, silicon band, and fabric spacer. As the bristle brush loosens the fabric for steam penetration, providing amazing results. It comes with a delicate fabric spacer that creates crisp and perfect pleats in a minute.

Furthermore, a dual ceramic soleplate with 1875 watts of steam power provides more steam and faster results and removes the heaviest wrinkles easily. Along with 5 steam settings which are perfect to get the best result for delicate fabric to thick fabric like wool.

Conair Turbo is for everyone from your closer, living room to the dog den.

Key Features:

Weight7.3 oz.
Power1875 watts
Heat up time40 seconds
Steam settings5
Cord length12 feet
Auto-shut offNo
Best steamer for clothes
One of the most reliable steamers we like the most & suggest you make ironing and pressing tasks a breeze for you, at just $62. A good selection makes your years hassle-free. This modest steamer does wonder.
  • It provides continuous steam and is easy to operate, even if are a beginner you can easily do your clothes iron.
  • The water reservoir is easy to take off and refill.
  • A cord is long enough so you can easily move it if you are doing curtains.
  • You can iron a wide range of fabric and clothes designs with this easy-to-carry small steamer.
  • Prefer to use only distilled water for the best results.
  • A filled water tank steamer is heavy for arms if you have to do a lot of ironing in one go.
  • It does not have auto shut off and so, the front plate is very hot so be careful.

2.  BLACK+DECKER Garment Steamer

Best handheld steamer

Compact, lightweight, and easy to refill garment steamer. This steamer with 1400 watts of power provides a fast wrinkle removal, deodorizing, and freshening the clothes is a breeze. It provides the continuous steam to melt the wrinkles in no, time.

Furthermore, it provides a burst of steam to remove the stubborn creases. Moreover, the handle is comfortable to grip and it comes with three further attachments that are, an upholstery frame, a lint frame, and a delicate fabric frame. It has ready indicator light with an auto-shutoff feature which decreases your worry if you forget to unplug or switch off your steamer. Best to take along with you while traveling.

Key Features

ColorGrey & Blue
Steam ControlContinuous & Burst
Cord Length15ft
Water Tank220mL (7.4oz)
Attachments3 (Lint, Delicate Fabric, and Upholstery Frame)
Auto ShutoffYes
Power1400 Watts
Ready Indicator LightYes
garment steamer
  • great option for sanitizing and refreshing garments
  • The water reservoir size is good enough that it does not end in one go
  • This steamer is not too heavy and small in size so, is good to take it with you as a travel iron.
  • Extra-long cord
  • If you do not use it regularly and leave the water in the steamer it leads to a moldy smell. So, keeping care of cleanliness is necessary

3. Conair Turbo Extreme 2-in-1 Steam and Iron Steamer

Best steamer for clothes

The most powerful handheld steamer with a smart sensor safety feature which makes it safe when the steamer is placed on the fabric it stops producing steam and starts when picked up. Next-generation turbo power with dry steam technology helps to instantly remove the most stubborn creases.

Moreover, extra-large soleplate and you can use the steamer in both positions vertical as well as horizontal. Most amazingly, it’s just ready in 10 seconds with a 35g/minute steam rate, along with 4 steam settings starting from delicate to turbo.

Furthermore, you get the bonus accessories with the steamer silicon band, 2-IN-1 bristle brush (ensure steam penetration), creaser, and delicate bonnet. It has an extra-large aluminum soleplate as well as it effectively removes bacteria. Hence, it’s quite a good package to keep your wardrobe fresh and germs-free in less time with this best steamer for clothes.

Key Features

ColorBalck & Blue
Weight3.39 pounds
Heat up Time10 sec.
Steam Settings4
Auto ShutoffYes
Power1875 watts
best steamer reviews
  • Lightweight and consistent steam production
  • It is versatile and can be used horizontally as well as vertically
  • Remove the creases from the thick fabric too easily
  • Some users report it as heavy, and the cord is not too long

4. ESTEAM Hand Held Steamer

Best travel steamer

One of the best jiffy travel steamers. ESTEAM is compact, well-constructed, and lightweight with an easy and quick wrinkle removal technology.

We find it a fast and most effective steamer to take along with while traveling because it is just ready in 1 minute and gives good 15 minutes of steam production per filling. It has easy to fill the water tank with a transparent window to watch the level of water and no, internal lines in the pump so you can use tap water that could clog by hard water.

Further, its thick outer coating keeps the steamer temperature normal, which we feel safe and comfortable while ironing. Moreover, its 9-foot-long cord makes it easy to iron large curtains and drapers because you can easily move the steamer to the far area.

It saves space, safe to remove wrinkles from delicate fabric. Further, if you want a quick clean, and crisp look for your jacket and coat while traveling it’s the best piece of appliance you have.

Keep cautious as to keep voltage converter while traveling and steam only in up and down position. Never use in a horizontal position, which may result in water discharge. The warranty is for 3 years. You feel the worth of spending money. So, wait for what check price and make your life hell easy. 

Key Features

Weight2.51 Pounds
Steam per filling15 minutes
Cord length9 feet
Heat up time 1 minute
Power600 watts with voltage converter

ESTEAM Hand Held Steamer

5. Rowenta Xcel Steam Garment Steamer 

Best compact steamer

Rowenta has been in the market is about 110 years, which provide the amazing clothes and laundry related products. Rowenta Xcel steam is the best compact steamer with 1100 watts with a unique 3 smart accessories, which helps to spread steam over the cloth and efficiently and results in fresh creases free garments. It works horizontally as well as vertically.

We love to use it for everyday steams; it just gets heated up in 45 seconds. It generates 17g per minute which helps to smooth the dress and drapers with fast touchups. You can use tap water as it works great with that without creating any hassle of dripping. Further, we recommend it because we find it as handy and comfortable to carry so, convenient to work with this amazing Rowenta steamer choice.

Moreover, you can take it with you while traveling and enjoy wearing wrinkle-free attires in just a few seconds. It comes with over a door hanging hook so it makes work more convenient.

Some users find it heavy.

Key Features

Weight2.5 Pounds
Steam per filling10 minutes
Water tank capacity150 ml.
Heat up time 45 seconds
Power1100 watts

Rowenta X-Cel Handheld Steamer for Clothes

6. Conair Complete Steam Handheld Fabric Steamer

Best cheap steamer

The best lightweight handheld steamer, from one of the leading brands Conair. It is very economical with all the necessary features you require for your daily clothes ironing especially great for most delicate fabrics. Moreover, you can take it along with you while traveling for a quick finish touchup to your clothes.

Furthermore, you will amaze by its power as 1100 watts provide continuously for 10 minutes in one go. Its compact, ergonomics design, the lightweight of just 4.9 ounces, makes it more comfortable to work when you are in hurry and need a finished look for your clothes. Additionally, a water tank with a capacity of 4.9 ounces with an 8-foot long power cord, a spill protection feature makes it convenient to work.

Key Features

ColorWhite & Blue
Weight4.9 Ounces
Cord length8 feet
Water tank4 Ounces
Power1100 watts
handheld fabric steamer
The best travel steamer at a significantly lower price, $19.99. This is great for the daily garments you want to press and you can take with you while traveling, as it is very lightweight.
  • Handy, great for a quick touchup to your clothes
  • Kills 99% of bacteria from clothes
  • Spill protection feature

  • Not always work great on thick fabric

7. Conair – GS23N Extreme Steam

Dual heat fabric steamer

We get one of the best steamers in our cleaning and ironing service place and we are surprised with the amazing results. So, we thought of sharing the information with you, so your ironing becomes a breeze and your happiness doubles like ours.

best fabric steamer

Conair-GS23N is a dual heat handheld steamer with a power of 1110 watts. It’s 30% more hot and removes wrinkles 5 times faster than other steamers. We find its application best on delicate fabrics like denim and silk and thick fabric like wool.

Further, it comes with three removable accessories: a soft cushion brush, creaser, and fabric brush. It produces 15 minutes of constant steam with each filling and you can adjust the heat by button from low to high.

Furthermore, it is user-friendly as it is lightweight and kills bacteria, and the reduction rate was measured up to 99.9%. You can detach the water tank for easy refilling and fix it back and lock it in the steamer. You tinkled pink when you start using this steamer.

Key Features

ColorWhite & Blue
Weight2.2 Pounds
heat up time45 seconds
Cord length9 feet
Steam per filling15 minutes
Power1110 watts
top steamer

8. J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer

Best garment steamer


Jiffy steamer has its name in cloth irons and steamers. Jiffy-2000 is the perfect choice for long-term, efficient and quick crease removal without destroying the clothes fabric. It is perfect if you have a large pile of laundry to iron, it’s irons clothes for up to 1.5 hours with one filling.

6” wide steam head along with a hanger at the hem, five foot-flexible hose, 7-foot long power cord, and swivel casters are used which help J-2000 move at 360* easily according to need. These some mentioned feature makes it unique to buy for long-term use.

Additionally, the J-4000 is one of the models of jiffy steamers with little variation in price from the same product line, which is best for home if you have a large family and have a large pile of clothes to iron as perfect for commercial use.  

Key Features

Heat up Time1 minute
Water Capacity2.84 litres
Steam per filling1.5 hour
Cord length7 foot
Auto ShutoffYes
Power1300 watts
professional steamer for clothes
  • One of the amazing long-lasting steamers with remarkable customer feedback
  • Best for commercial use and a large pile of clothes
  • The steamer has everything you need, once you get it you forget to use any other iron or steamer to work with. A one-time investment makes years of peace regarding your clothes and their looks
  • If you use a metal head, it gets hot too much which can burn your skin. So, need to be careful while using

9. Rowenta IS6520 Master Fabric Steamer 

Professional clothing steamer

One of the latest steamers in the market, which helps you to quickly freshen up your look for dinner or going out somewhere. Rowenta creates lots of ease with the latest technology.

Rowenta IS6520 is a professional garment steamer which unsurpassed for commercial as well as home use. It just takes 45 seconds to heat up and then remove the wrinkle from any type of cloth very conveniently. Further, it comes with an adjustable pole, so you can adjust the height according to the dress height. A 360* rotating hanger with a lock system, and clips for pent to adjust, to avoid any hassle while ironing the clothes.

Moreover, it has a unique large triangular steam head with a pointed front, even and precise steam distribution all over the clothes and removes creases. Alongside, it has a large water tank easy to refill, so you can iron for up to 1 hour with one filling. Hence less trip is required to the tap.

Some Important Feature:

Furthermore, it comes with three amazing accessories, a fabric brush to remove wrinkles, secondly, a lint pad to remove any object like hairs, lint, or threads from the garment. Thirdly, a steam bonnet to avoid any water dripping on clothes. One more amazing feature is it has a foot-operated on and off button which is very convenient for use while ironing. Lastly, it has great portability you can tilt and roll wherever you want easily. 

Key Features

Heat up Time45 seconds
Water Capacity2.5 litres
Steam per filling1 hour
Attachments 3 (fabric brush, Lint pad, steam bonnet)
Auto ShutoffYes
Power1500 watts
Rowenta IS6520
  • It has an amazing rotating hanger, making it easy for you to turn the garment directly while ironing
  • It works well with tap water no need to buy distilled water and bear the extra cost
  • It’s a perfect choice for a professional seamstress
  • It comes with a startling 360* rotating hanger with clothes clips
  • Need extra care for long-term productivity and use

10. Conair Complete Garment Steamer

Best steamer for clothes

This latest compact and modern design steamer go beyond your expectations. Its ends up your task of setting up the iron and ironing board. As, it comes with an amazing pole of height adjustment, along with a 360* rotating hanger with clips.

Moreover, it’s ready to provide high steam in just 45 seconds. Furthermore, it provides you with professional results, and it last working longer approximately 90 minutes. As it’s the best choice to make the ironing task easy and pleasant. It’s easy to handle we are sure you will not regret this decision of buying this steamer.

We recommend first reading the instruction about how to use and take care of your equipment.

Key Features

Heat up Time45 seconds
Water Capacity80 ounces
Steam per filling90 minutes
Weight1.4 pounds
Power1500 watts
Canair steamer
  • It kills bedbugs and bacteria
  • Large water tanks, once fill and enjoy working for a large pile of clothes
  • 360* rotating hanger
  • Some user report that they find the hose of the steamer short according to their need
  • Havier

11. Portable Handheld Clothes Steamer:

The Portable Handheld Clothes Steamer is amazing at getting rid of wrinkles in your clothes, making them smooth and neat in no time. This portable steamer seamlessly combines the efficiency of an iron with the power of steam, outperforming traditional irons.

Portable handheld Clothes Steamer

This garment steamer boasts a powerful 1350W motor that heats up quickly, generating steam in just 20 seconds. Having a large water tank, along with it is equipped with an Electronic Pump System to ensure no water leaks.  Moreover, it offers three steam modes, with low, medium, and high settings, giving you flexibility for different fabrics. As, this steamer is versatile and capable of handling a variety of fabrics like silk, wool, polyester, velvet, and fiber, as well as household items like curtains, sofas, carpets, and bedding. It is your all-in-one solution for keeping your fabrics fresh and wrinkle-free.

  • Rapid heat-up in 20 seconds for quick use
  • Versatile enough to handle various fabric types and household items
  • Safe to use on delicate fabrics, preventing scratches and burns
  • Leak-proof design
  • Portable and travel-friendly for crease-free clothing on the go
  • Designed for use in the US, may require an adapter or converter for international use. Just remember to check its compatibility when traveling abroad

We believe in quality, not quantity. So, we reviewed the best steamer for clothes in the market. Your satisfaction is a pleasure for us.

Happy shopping

Our Testing Requisites for Clothes Steamer

We did extensive research on clothes steamers and keep the focus on the differences and benefits we have over the steam iron. Some of the most essential factors which we keep in mind while over research and findings are discussed in detail below. Once you go through them and check the above reviews again, select the best steamer for clothes that suits you and fulfills all your requirements.

 We are happy to help you and solve your problem with our experience. As our research increases with time we add the latest up-to-date products.

Type of steamer

portable and upright steamer

By type, we mean based on construction. There are two main steamers form. One is an upright steamer other one is a portable steamer. So, you have to choose according to your need.

 An upright steamer is in a standing position, large if you have proper space for ironing and for a steamer to keep. However, you can move wherever you want to move because it has tires at its base. On the other hand, you have a portable steamer that is small and handheld. It takes little space and you can move anywhere and can take it with you while traveling.

We suggest you go with a standup steamer if you have a large pile of clothes or you are a professional seamstress.

Water tank Capacity

The water capacity of steamers is different. As the upright steamer has more water capacity because it has a separate wand section. So, it has approximately 2.5 to 3-liter water capacity. Moreover, the portable steamer has a small water tank in which you can fill some milliliters of water and require more trips to the tap for a refill.


Weight more matters if you take the steamer along with you while traveling. Try to prefer the steamer to have less weight so that your arms do not ache. Whereas the upright steamer has a separate hose, which is lightweight you have to carry while ironing so, the weight of the upright steamer does not matter if you want it for home.

Heat up and Run time

Prefer a steamer that has less heat-up time and more run time. Mostly average time heat-up time of the steamers is 1-2 minutes some get hot in less time than 30 seconds also. If a steamer has a small water tank its run time is also less as it requires water and more trip to the tap for a refill. If you want for traveling or for fewer clothes then you can go with that.

The upright steamers have 60 to 90 minutes of run time and the heat-up time is also 1-2 minutes.

With time the latest technology overcomes the old one and makes life easy. Same as the clothes steamer makes the life easy for all those who run away from ironing and feel it a hard task. You can press clothes, drapers, and curtains very easily with steamers in comparison to iron.

Steam Hose and Cord Length

In an upright steamer, a steam hose is separate from the steam unit. So, the length should be enough if you hang your clothes on the door it reaches to iron easily. Whereas, mostly standing steamers come with a hanger and have a standing steel rod, on which you hang your dress and can steam easily.

The cord length of the steamer should be more; we suggest the steamers have a large cord length so you can iron large clothes easily too.

Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot say that steamer is better than iron because both have their uses and perform differently on different fabrics. So, we have to choose wisely according to our use. You can check the key features of the best steam irons also to make a better and final decision before buying.

Yes, you can use a steamer for most fabrics. Avoid using on some fabrics like wax jackets and moiré

Our experts suggest keeping the steamer empty after use. Moreover, it depends on how often you use the steamer. It’s better to clean the steamer whenever you feel needed for better results and more steam production.

For proper cleaning, take one part of scented vinegar if you don’t like the odor of the normal vinegar and mix it with distilled water. The ratio should be ½ one part vinegar and two parts water. Fill the tank with that combination and switch on the steamer until the mixture remains half. Then drain the left part and clean it with fresh water.

By thorough cleaner, the steamer will work longer and generates better steam.

Our verdict: About Best Steamer for Clothes

There are a lot of steamers available in the market, even a person gets stuck and confused as to which one to go. So, we suggest some top outstanding steamers after our extensive research to make your life easy by taking decisions easily in less time.

But our team said Conair Turbo Extreme Steam and J-2000 Jiffy steamer are incredible. We reviewed the steamers which have their farfetched specification. Our priority is to refer quality products only to our people. So, we selected the best steamer for clothes.