How to Iron Silk Dress: Step-by-Step Guide

Silk is deliberated to be the most luxurious fabric whether it is used in clothes, undergarments, bedding, or home décor it gives an incredible touch and feel. The lavish look of silk gets dull if, not look fresh and wrinkle-free. Therefore, it is essential to know how to iron silk dresses, without destroying their fabric.

Tips for Ironing Silk:

Here are the complete steps to get wrinkles out of silk dresses perfectly;

1. Spraying: 

 Spray all over the silk cloth so it becomes damp because silk is the most delicate fabric and little moisture in it prevents it from burning and provides smoothness. The best way to iron a silk dress is after washing it when it has little moisture remaining in it.

2. Turn inside out:

Turn your cloth inside out, which limits the direct contact of fiber with iron, provides smooth ironing without any stain, and offers extra protection to the fabric. 

3. Flattening:

It is necessary to flat the silk cloth with any apparent wrinkle in it with your hands before ironing. If silk cloth is large then try to iron in segments. For example, if you press the dress shirt then iron the chest at first before heading towards sleeves.

4. Place Ironing Cloth Protector:

Place any pressed soft cloth over the silk dress before ironing because direct heat may burn the cloth easily. Pressing cloth  must be white or any soft color to avoid color stain transfer. 

5. Speedy movement:

Move the iron quickly to prevent iron strain that can be caused due to the back-and-forth motion of iron. 

6. Control temperature:

Silk fabric delicacy requires very little heat to remove wrinkles. Increase temperature step by step according to the need otherwise, the fabric can be stuck with the iron due to excessive heat. So, start to iron at silk temperature setting on a steam iron, for silk heat protection.

Guide to Iron Different Silk Garments:

Iron a Silk Shirt:

iron a silk shirt
  • Turn the silk shirt inside out for better protection
  • Open the cufflinks to press the sleeves
  • Iron the main body of the silk shirt
  • Slide the iron with speed over the shirt
  • End ironing with collar 
  • Hang the shirt on a thick wooden or padded hanger

Iron a Silk Saree:

  •  Fold the saree in half and start ironing the border first.
  • Once the border is done, unfold the saree and iron the body of the saree first.
  • Start ironing the saree from the center and take the iron from the upper portion to the edges to make the perfect pleats. Move the iron in one direction, do not move back and forth.
  • Now move toward the pallu. Half-fold the pallu and iron from all sides by keep moving the iron in one direction. Once it is done. Unfold and iron from the middle of the saree pallu.
  • Once you have done ironing the saree, hang it on the hanger instead of keeping it in the cupboard or drawer. In the hanger, it retains its shape and remains wrinkle-free.

Ironing a Silk Tie:

  • The temperature of iron should be on the lowest side
  • Wrap silk ties with some cotton cloth
  • Use steam ironing with different fabrics and heat options 
  • Round folded a tie after usage for fewer wrinkles in the future 

Iron a Silk Scarf:

  • Wash the silk scarf before ironing
  • Ironing scarf when it is semi-dry
  • Place any soft cloth over the scarf before ironing
  • Set the temperature to the lowest heat side
  • Use a steamer to iron the silk scarf safely 

Ironing Silk Bed Sheets:

  • Silk bed sheets ironed with the help of a steamer
  • Use low heat and pressure while ironing 
  • Ironing silk bed sheet from the back side to prevent damage
  • Ironing should be done in parts
  • Starch should avoided for silk bed sheets 

Best Wrinkle Removing Method: Traditional Ironing vs. Steaming Silk Dress

1. Traditional Ironing Method: 

 Most of the time, people ask whether silk cloth is ironed with traditional ironing techniques or not. The answer is yes, silk fabrics can be wrinkle-free with iron but have some little bearable damages to the clothes like:

  • Most irons have a low heating option for silk due to which some wrinkles are left on it.
  • Protein fiber in silk cloths may flatten due to iron pressure. 
  • Ironing may affect the original shape of the fabric.
  • Scorching to the silk fabric can occur if mishandled.
  • Required iron board every time.

2. Steaming Method:

Due to the emergence of the technology in iron appliances, the question arises can you steam silk without potential damage? The answer is yes, the silk fabric can be wrinkle-free with the steamer.

  • Steamer gives the best result for wrinkle-free fabrics
  • Steaming provides luster to the fabric
  • Hot vapor coming from the steamer kills bacteria and takes away odor 
  • Steamer nurtures the silk fabric texture
  • Easy to use without any iron board 

 How to Unwrinkled Silk without Iron: 

For the wrinkle-free silk fabric, the following natural methods can be used other than ironing:

  • Wet the cloth and hang it to dry 
  • Wrinkles can finished with a hair dryer and straightener
  • Hang silk fabric next to a steamy shower 
  • Use wrinkle-release spray

 Safety Tips to Follow for Ironing Silk fabric:

  • It is recommended to iron silk dress, when it is damp.
  • Do not twist silk garments to remove excess water after wash.
  • Clean the iron before every use.
  • Inside out the silk dress before ironing.
  • Quickly move the iron over the silk cloth.
  • It is suggested that do not iron silk dresses after every other wash to retain their original shape, and shine, and enhance life.