Best Way to Clean Iron with Salt

Ironing is an important part of keeping your clothes crisp and appealing. However, there will be junctures when your iron’s soleplate will be damaged by burns, scorch marks, and obstinate buildup that traditional methods cannot handle.

Keeping your iron in good working order is vital for crisp, wrinkle-free clothes. Learn how to clean your iron soleplate with salt, to eliminate tough stains. You may use this easy yet effective strategy to extend the life of your iron whether you have rock salt, sea salt, or kosher salt on hand. You can check many other ways too, to clean an iron soleplate here.

How to Clean the Bottom of Iron with Salt: Step-by-Step Guide

Materials you will need:

  • Paper Towel or Newspaper
  • Foil
  • Cotton swab
  • Salt
  • White Vinegar
  • Clean soft cloth


  • Step 1:

Turn on the iron and wait for a few minutes until the temperature reaches a high level.  And the light indicator let you know.

  • Step 2:
Ingredients requires clean an iron with salt.

Take some paper towels, combine them, and put a small quantity of kosher or rock on paper. Keep the iron water fee that is without steam. Now move the iron swiftly on the surface for some time. This will clean the soleplate of the iron. The dirt will stick to the salt.

If there is some residue remains repeat this process on clean salt.

You can follow the same step by using newspaper with rock salt. That is also helpful to remove the waxy dirt and grim from the bottom of the iron.

  • Step 3:
setting up the space for cleaning iron
Moving iron on salt to remove stains from soleplate

If the iron has the toughest stain or melted plastic gets caught on the soleplate. Which is not fully removed from the iron surface. Use aluminum foil in place of a paper towel and sprinkle rock salt on it. Now move the iron on the salt at a high temperature this will melt down the residue from the surface of the soleplate.

  • Step 4:  Salt and vinegar iron cleaning

You can further clean the soleplate with a salt and vinegar solution. Turn off the iron. Mix the salt and vinegar on low heat, don’t let it boil to avoid a pungent smell. As the salt gets mixed, let it cool. Now dip the cloth in vinegar and salt solution and wipe the soleplate surface. It will clear the all remaining dirt.

  • Step 5:
wiping the surface of the iron
Clean Iron

Once the soleplate surface is clean, rinse the iron reservoir with clean water. Finally, damp the soft cloth or towel in clean water and wipe the surface of the iron. Now your iron is ready to use.


Does salt damage iron?

If your iron soleplate is coated with Teflon, Ceramic, or non-sticky material. Do not use salt to clean as it may damage the bottom. Cleaning an iron with salt is better than using on stainless steel soleplate.

Is there any Chance of Salt Melting which Leads to Stickiness:

Steam iron works up to 446°F, but the heat required for salt to melt is approximately 1473.4°F. S, it ensures that salt melting and lead to stickiness possibility is almost zero.