How to Make Starch Spray for Ironing

Forming of Starch spray for ironing at home is an old hack used for ironing and getting crisp and wrinkle-free attire. It helps to move the iron more smoothly over the cloth and makes ironing easy. Mostly homemade starch is used for cotton clothes to remove creases and get better crisp which lasts longer.

Moreover, starch spray can be used on linen, cotton, rayon, bamboo, and jeans. Furthermore, the starch spray is used while sewing, quilting (applique work), and crafts projects.  It’s the best ingredient to use when there is a need of ironing small pieces and you want crisp and clear turns and lines to work on.

We share the best starch-making method which gets ready in some pennies and is non-toxic also to use. 

Starch Your Shirts at Home like a Pro

Laundry starch ingredients:

Ingredients for spray starch for ironing

 Large measuring cup, Funnel, Spoon, Stove or microwave, Spray bottle, Corn starch, Coldwater, Essential oil (optional), Water

Homemade Fabric Starch Spray: Guide

  • Add 1 tablespoon of cornstarch in 2-5 cups of cold water if you want a thin mixture according to the required quantity.
  • After that add 1-2 tale spoons of starch, depending on what type of crisp and stiff results you want. Mix well until it gets dissolved and the white milky color mixture is ready.
water for starch spray preparation
starch for spray preparation
  • Now you can heat the mixture too in the microwave or stove to get a better dissolve solution. Make sure there is no, lump remaining.
  • Then add a drop of essential oil and mix well.
oil drips for good smell in starch spray
starch spray for ironing
  • Let the mixture cool down. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle with help of a funnel. 
Pouring starch spray ironing
  • Label the bottle by writing corn starch. Further, mix or shake well before use. 

Store the bottle in a dark and cool place, and used it for just a couple of weeks to avoid any degradation or mold production.

Make less quantity according to your usage. As it only takes 5 minutes for preparation and costs you a maximum of $2- $5 but depends on the quantity you want.

Tips and Warnings for using Homemade Starch Spray for Ironing:

  • Always shake the starch spray bottle well before use.
  • If you find any clogged material in the bottle, take the mixture out in owl heat and mix well and let it cool then fill it in a spray bottle and use it for better results.
  • After spraying the starch spray, wait for a few seconds to start ironing, so that it penetrates in fabric well.
  • Don’t use homemade corn-starch spray on dark color fabric, as there is a risk of leaving white spots. 
  • Moreover, don’t make a starch spray in large quantities as it may get mold and become unhygienic to use.
  • Furthermore, don’t store clothes pressed by using the homemade starch spray as it may lead to color degradation or attracts bugs.

Homemade Starch Spray for Jeans:

  • You want to attend some event and are worried about your attire. You want to wear jeans you want a crisp and stylish look. Stop worrying, we here bring the best method for you to get your dress ready in less time with a perfect look.
  • Make your small batch of starch at home as we describe above in detail. The only difference is that add 2 Tsp of starch in 1 cup of water. So that it creates a better crisp and stiff look.
  • While ironing your jeans with homemade starch keep mesh cloth in between the clothes and iron to avoid any starch flakes on the fabric.
  • Spray on both sides of the jeans to get a better stiffer look.
  • Let the clothes dry before hanging them in the cupboard.
  • The same procedure is used if you want to use starch for crafting.

If you don’t want to do a little effort too for making starch spray at home and you have a good budget. On the other hand, if you want to iron the bulk of dresses to keep in your wardrobe at one time, we recommend to you use ready-made best spray starch for clothes, starch spray quilting, and crafting. Which makes your life easy and you get your work done with less effort.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, the best ironing is to do without starch by simply using a steam iron or steamer. But if you want a crisp look you can use light starch. Starch adds body to your dress fabric. Moreover, Creates dust, and soil repellent which helps to keep the clothes clean and makes ironing easy.

If you want some more different ideas to get better results for ironing instead of corn-starch spray you can make liquid starch from potato water, rice starch paste, white flour, and cornstarch.

You can use a wrinkle-release spray instead of starch for ironing.  Even you can make fabric stiffeners with Mod Podge glue. 

Never experiment to use hair spray for ironing instead of starch spray. As it leads to Discoloration and staining on the fabric.