How to Close an Ironing Board (Latest Techniques)

Closing an ironing board is much more frustrating if you don’t know how to close it and what to do when the board gets stuck. We guide you here about the Compact, freestanding, retractable, and table-top ironing board. The most important to make the folding of the ironing board easy is to learn height adjustment, levers, and how to leg mount.

If you don’t have proper space or laundry room and space for an ironing table, closing the ironing board after use saves space. If the lever of your ironing board gets broken, we share some tips and tricks to fold that also without any hassle.

How to Close an Ironing Board in an upright position

First Method for Folding an Ironing Board

Step 1: Firstly, Tilt the ironing board so that the ironing rest area is toward the floor and pointed area upward. Then, find the lever which is under the ironing table. The liver is a small piece of metal that may be of L-shape that can be pressed inward or a small stake that needs to move inward when needed to close the board. Some boards have two levers but you have to press one inward at a time for closing the ironing board.

Step 2: Secondly, press the liver gently inward, and along with that press the legs towards the board by applying pressure. Hold the board with the other hand firmly so, that it not fell and get damaged. After that fix the legs in the leg lock before storing the iron board. So, that it may not harm you by opening unexpectedly.

Closing an Ironing Board
Folding an Ironing Board

Second Method for Folding an Ironing Board

Step 1: Firstly,find the lever as described above. In the standing position place one hand on the lever and the other under the board. Press the lever slowly and squat the ironing board towards the floor. Keep a hand on the board so that it does not crash down and hurt your hand, so keep a firm grip.

Step 2: Now you can slowly put the pressure and as the leg moves down, turn the board upside down and fix the board legs in the lock. Now carry the board and save it in the closet and a safe place.

How to Close Cabinet or Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

A wall-mounted ironing board is a good choice for a small house or apartment. Further, it is easier to secure and store. As it is attached to the flat wall in a cabinet or cupboard.

  • First, determine how it folds into the wall whether up or down.
  • As you finished working on this collapsible ironing board, lift the board down in its place. There is a stability cap under the board slide that up and lowers the board into the cabinet.
Closing a cabnit ironing board
  • If the ironing board folds up the wall, push it up from the edge towards the wall. Some boards will lock up automatically and some have a locking mechanism.

At last, close the cabinet once the board gets positioned in its place securely.

How to Close an Ironing Board without Lever or with Broken Lever

If your ironing board gets stuck or its lever gets broken. Don’t worry there is no need to buy the new one. We are here to guide you on handling and closing such a board.

  • Mostly good ironing boards come with the tool to detach the spring from the tension rod. If you have that small tool used that to unlock the spring mechanism from the rod and close the iron gently. 
  • If your board does not come with the small tool, you need a screwdriver to unlatch the spring mechanism (a small pin). Find the locking mechanism and then put the pressure on the small pin that is sticking to the bridge. Detach that pin with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Now press the legs of the board toward the base of the ironing board and fold it.

 If still, you remain unsuccessful unlock the board and close the legs.

  • Simply remove the ironing board cover and apply pressure on the locking spring mechanism with the help of a screwdriver from underneath.   The pin leaves the tension rod and you can easily move the board legs and fold them.

Let’s see the details in the video to understand better.

Some Tips to Follow before Folding the ironing Board

  • Wait for the board surface to cool down after use before folding it.
  • Keep the nose point of the ironing board on the floor and the legs on the floor.
  • Store the board, in a safe place to avoid any damage or sliding.
  • Fix the lock properly and check carefully that it may not hurt by accidentally opening.
Be careful to remove the iron and rest pad from the ironing board before folding it.

Secondly, while closing the board carefully press it when unlatching the tension rod from the locking mechanism so that your hand does not get hurt in carelessness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply release the lever and gently press the board to the required height. According to the height of the person who wants to do the ironing or if you want to do it by sitting. Lock the lever once it reached the appropriate height.

When you use the ironing pad. Wait till it’s cool down and then roll from the one end. Moves the roll to the other end by making the cylindrical shape. In this way, it’s not get damaged or any creases appear.

After use, up down the board on a flat surface like a bed or a table. Simple collapse the legs and keep the tabletop ironing board in a safe place. It has small legs so it can easily bend and has no hassle or difficulty to face.